A Nightmare Of A Dream Team For Privileged?

Any hopes Roberts & Castlewood had of sliding through another IPW event without defending their gold have been dashed with the news they must face Pride & Fury at The Holy Grail!

No strangers individually to New Zealand Tag Team Championship reigns, Liger & Liam Fury will not only be looking for revenge after the antics of Privileged at September Selection, but will be looking to add another golden addition to their already impressive curriculum vitae.

For Charlie Roberts & Curtis Castlewood, The Holy Grail will be an opportunity to prove themselves as worthy holders of the New Zealand Tag Team Championship by defeating an experienced dream team combination with pride and fury in their veins.

Can Privileged hold onto the gold?

Or will the dream team of Pride & Fury become a nightmare for Roberts & Castlewood?

Find out at The Holy Grail!

Brendon Taylor