Duncan And Dunn Set To Clash At Holy Grail!

Brook Duncan is in for the biggest test of his career on October 14 at The Holy Grail!

After surviving an aggressive challenge by Dave O’Connor at September Selection, Duncan must now switch his introspection to dealing with another multiple time New Zealand Heavyweight Champion in Vinny Dunn.

After controversially being named the next challenger by new permanent General Manager Benjamin Keen, a wounded Vinny Dunn finds himself once again within arm’s reach of the biggest prize and will be hoping his calamitous confrontation with Reuben de Jong last month has put him in good stead for his challenge on October 14.

However one thing to consider is that both men are heading into this New Zealand Heavyweight Championship match well under full capacity due to their recent brutal contests respectively.

Question is who is more dangerous?

A wounded Champion looking to finally solidify himself at the top of the food chain?

Or a wounded challenger looking to reclaim his territory?

Find out October 14 at The Holy Grail when Brook Duncan puts his gold on the line against Vinny Dunn!

Brendon Taylor