The Holy Grail: One Word!

With The Holy Grail fast approaching it’s time to take a quick look at some of the contests and one word that might mean victory or defeat for the combatants!

Brook Duncan: Silence. Duncan can silence the critics once and for all this Saturday night. A victory over a former multiple times New Zealand Heavyweight Champion in Vinny Dunn will put an end to the careless whispers of doubt and solidify Duncan as the man.

Vinny Dunn: Reclaim. Vinny Dunn can reclaim more than just the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at The Holy Grail; he can reclaim the territory that he presided over for so many years as Champion. Dunn knows how to get it done in big time contests, a huge advantage he holds over Brook Duncan.

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Privileged: Hesitancy.

Are Roberts and Castlewood the real deal?

Or are they just paper Champions?

I think everyone around the scene has shown a large amount of hesitancy to answer either of those questions as of late. Their lack of Championship defences suggest they are dodging challengers, yet their experience and guile as a combination suggests they have no need to evade oncoming traffic within the Tag Team Division. We might just get an answer to both questions on Saturday night when they face a stiff challenge in Pride & Fury.

Pride & Fury: Composure. Both Liam Fury & Liger have been New Zealand Tag Team Champions before and know what it takes to be the combination at the top of the mountain. If Pride & Fury can keep their composure against a team that is likely to be somewhat nervy, they may just walk out with the gold at The Holy Grail.

New Zealand Tag Team Championship preview is here!

Mitch Gray: System. One gets the feeling Gray will be unwilling to apologise for his vicious actions against “Handsome” Danny Jacobs as he looks set to continue to buck the system. I could be wrong, but it feels like Gray may just use his time at Holy Grail to find another victim to add to his book.

James Shaw & Elias: Calamitous. It may be a Two out of Three Falls match at The Holy Grail, but you’d think two out of three professionals would tell you to steer well clear of this calamitous cerebral combination. The chaotic edge to this team may be more than even F.I.S.T can handle.

F.I.S.T: Distraction. One thing Coast & Daniels can’t afford to do is just treat Shaw & Elias as a momentary distraction on their way to trying to reclaim their gold. They’ll need to focus on what is standing across from them on Saturday night, not what might be in the future.

Alex Savage: Impact. Savage has a chance to further impact the scene of IPW if he can put away the niggly JB Bennett.

JB Bennett: Keen. The biggest advantage Bennett may now have up his sleeve is his combination with new IPW General Manager Benjamin Keen. It pays to have friends in high places.

Kid Falcon: ……I have no idea who this kid is. Your guess is as good as mine!

Kingi: Lotto. Buy a Lotto ticket Kingi, it will go well with the Number One Contendership that might have just been gifted to you by Benjamin Keen.

Ashlee Spencer: Shadow. Time for Spencer to step out of the shadow of her talent so she can shine at The Holy Grail. It will not be easy, but a victory over Candy Lee is well overdue.

Candy Lee: Momentum. Once you get a roll on in this business, it can be extremely difficult to stop your momentum. Look for Lee to apply her recent momentum to chalk up another victory.

The Holy Grail is this Saturday night!

Get your tickets now before they sell out!

Brendon Taylor