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Two of IPW’s youngest and hungriest wrestlers will battle it out to finally end a rivalry that has consumed them both for almost the entire year of 2016.

Brook Duncan and Michael Richards finally get to settle this war that has resulted in blood loss, suspensions, and fines between the two men, but the type of match is up to YOU.

Either a Taped Fist Match, A Street Fight or Falls Count Anywhere match will finally settle the score between these young lions.

If you want to cast your vote make sure you’re at September Selection for “Your Night. Your Fight!”

IPW Presents September Selection

September 3rd

Mt Albert War Memorial Hall.
Doors Open 6.30pm. Bell time 7.00pm.

$20 Adults
$10 Kids

Group discount available.

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The Furious Five vs The Young Nats!


At Rival Turf the war between Liam Fury and the Young Nats reaches its pinnacle in the Capture The Flag Match. The main event of the Double Ring Spectacular will see two New Zealand flags hung high representing the values of significant different teams.

#TeamNats with the new Lockwood designed New Zealand flag, representing the brighter, whiter future of New Zealand pro wrestling. A dominant team consisting of JB Bennett, Charlie Roberts, Curtis Castlewood, Taylor Adams and their glorious leader Mr Burns.

#TeamLiam will have the Traditional New Zealand flag, representing New Zealand (and IPW’s) proud history and fighting attitude. An impressive team consisting of New Zealand Tag Team Champions: The Friends In Similar Tights – FIST, Liger, New Zealand Woman’s Champion Britenay and Liam Fury himself.

Two worlds collide!


New Armageddon Cup Champion, Taylor Adams has let his recent success seemingly go to his head as he has vowed to take on the biggest man in IPW, Reuben de Jong!

Taylor Adams may have bitten off more than he can chew as Reuben de Jong looks to get back on track towards the NZ Heavyweight Championship and to also put the Dapper Agents on notice.

Can Chaos tame the Liger?


Curt Chaos has managed to hold onto the NZ Heavyweight Championship by any means necessary, utilising his friendship with the Dapper Agents to get the win over Reuben de Jong at No Guts, No Glory.

Now, the Strong Style Supervillain of South Auckland, Liger, has set his sights on Chaos in his own backyard.

Can Liger’s reputation for no-nonsense brutality in the ring be the defining factor in bringing order to Chaos’ reign or will Curt Chaos once again use his underhanded tactics to leave Alfriston College still NZ Heavyweight Champion?

First ever TLC match in New Zealand wrestling history!


F.I.S.T have come closer and closer each time to becoming the new New Zealand Tag Team Champions for almost a full year now. The Dapper Agents have, however, managed to keep the young and exciting team away from obtaining their dream.

June 25th may be F.I.S.T’s last attempt at dethroning the almost unstoppable team of ‘Te Tahi’ Vinny Dunn and Kingi. In the first ever TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) Tag Team Championship match in New Zealand, we may see one of the most brutal matches ever to take place.

The Dapper Agents Defend the New Zealand Tag Team Championship against The Friends In Similar Tights – F.I.S.T in TLC, June the 25th!

‘The Sax’ vs ‘The Axe’!

Brock vs John 2

IPW’s resident “Sax Man” Brook Duncan has been on quite a roll as of late, picking up his biggest win to date at the Genesis event less than two weeks ago capturing the 2016 Eliminator Contract. Although making his intentions with the aforementioned contract very clear, the self proclaimed “World’s Sexiest Wrestler” isn’t going to be putting his feet up ’til Nightmare B4 Xmas. IPW General Manager Alfred Valentine has sanctioned a trans-Tasman battle, as NZ’s Brook Duncan takes on Australia’s Josh “The Axe” Shooter.

Josh Shooter has wowed crowds all over the globe and is a mainstay of the Australian Wrestling scene, notably Melbourne City Wrestling. However this will be not only Shooter’s first trip to New Zealand, but also of course the IPW debut of “The Axe”.

Although a very accomplished wrestler and all ’round top athlete, this match will be anything but a proverbial walk in the park for Shooter, given the resilience & never-say-die attitude Duncan has developed over the past few months, this match up is looking to be one to write home about.

A chaotic main event has been signed!

Chris vs Regan 2

Curt Chaos has had a less than ideal start to his title reign. After losing to the 7-foot tall, NZ’s Strongest Man at the beginning of April, suffering a count-out loss at Genesis on April 30th, Chaos now has the near impossible task of taking on de Jong in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Although right up the alley of the champion as Curt Chaos is prone to bending the rules ever so slightly here and there, a Falls Count Anywhere match would require one competitor to take the other off his feet, something the Chaos is yet to do with Reuben de Jong.

Will we see a new champion at No Guts, No Glory, or will Chaos once again find a way to slither out of this match with his grip firm around the gold?

Fury not finished with The Young Nats?


In what was scheduled to be Liam Fury’s last ever match, it seemed as though he would be leaving IPW with his tail tucked as Mr. Burns used dirty tactics to gain the victory in their singles contest. However after the impromptu, unprecedented attack by The Young Nats on Fury post-match, Liam only had one thing on his mind; Revenge. Fury would come out and make a beeline for The Young Nats in the main event of the evening as entrant #20 in The Eliminator.

With all the animosity between Fury and The Young Nats, it’s safe to say this isn’t over, stay tuned for more details.

de Jong on the hunt for some Chaos!


It’s pretty clear that The 7ft Monster, NZ’s Strongest Man Reuben de Jong has all the tools necessary to dethrone Curt Chaos. But while the NZ Heavyweight Champion Chaos continues to use underhanded tactics to retain the gold, the frustration of de Jong can only be building.

What’s next in the Chaos/de Jong saga?

IPW Genesis – A night full of surprises!


A returning Lil’ T, a successful social media campaign for Paul Sayers, the official in-ring return of Taylor Adams, The Young Nats reigning supreme, The Worlds Sexiest Wrestler rising to the top, and much more took place last night at Genesis: The Eliminator!

Just three weeks to go ’til our next live event, but until then; Brace Yourself For Impact!