Shaw, Cross & Fury back in action at Genesis: The Eliminator!

ffjcFresh off claiming the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship last month, James Shaw has once again been thrown in the path of Fury and Jakob Cross!

In his first clear response to The Investment being forced to disband, IPW Director Daniel Burnell has released this statement regarding the upcoming contest at Genesis: The Eliminator!

“Even though The Investment has been prematurely disbanded, it doesn’t change where my loyalties reside. I’ve still got complete faith in both Fury and Jakob, even if things didn’t go to plan last month. I’ve made this match because I want to see both men get back on track, it’s important for the future of IPW that they do so.

As for James having no partner, maybe he should think more about the consequences he may face by aligning himself with Alfred Valentine and co. With that in mind, I’m leaving it over to James Shaw to find himself a partner; it just can’t be any member of The Origin. I won’t allow that. Continue Reading

TK Cooper drops a bombshell!

TK Cooper has dropped a bombshell on the latest IPW Informer!

Cooper has announced that he will be leaving for the UK in June, which gives him just two months to achieve his new goal.

What’s his new goal and what does this mean for TnT?

Get the answers to those questions on the latest IPW Informer!

Plus, a confrontation with Travis Banks leads to the opening contest at Genesis: The Eliminator being confirmed!

Mask vs. Title set for Genesis: The Eliminator!

maskvtitleThe stipulations were made clear earlier this month at The Rush for Gold.

Should Ligress win, she’ll claim the New Zealand Women’s Championship for the very first time.

Should Britenay win, she’ll not only retain her gold but force Ligress of The Pride to unmask.

This bitter rivalry has engulfed both competitors for the better part of six months, and on May 23 with it all on the line..we could be in store for one of the greatest New Zealand Women’s Championship confrontations of all time.

Join us May 23 at Genesis: The Eliminator for this huge Mask vs. Title confrontation!

New champions crowned at The Rush for Gold!

jfThe standing room only crowd this past Saturday night at The Rush for Gold witnessed perennial underdog James Shaw claim the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship for the very first time!

James Shaw overcame both Fury & Cross in a punishing triple threat match to achieve his ultimate goal, and in the process has forced The Investment to disband thanks to a stipulation made earlier in the night. It was a match that saw the Origin get the final say over The Investment, and a match that saw every person in attendance get lost in a celebration that will live on in Impact Pro Wrestling history.

Also at The Rush for Gold, the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship wasn’t the only title to change hands as The Pride put an end to the impressive run of TnT at the top of the tag team ladder in IPW, and left Mt Albert with the New Zealand Tag Team Championship. As for the New Zealand Women’s Championship, that match was brought to an impact-full halt as Ligress made it clear she was not done with Britenay, and the hunger for the gold led both women to agree to a massive Mask vs. Title match at Genesis on May 23! Continue Reading