FBTW Qualifier announced for Nightmare!

fbtw_crossshawFor the first time in history, two men will compete in a Fans Bring the Weapons Qualifying match at Nightmare B4 Xmas with the winner advancing to face Travis Banks in the FBTW main event!

IPW Director & The Investment Head Daniel Burnell looked on in shock when Origin member Dion McCracken introduced a returning James Shaw at Last Chance, and couldn’t believe his eyes as Shaw put a bulls-eye on New Zealand Champion Fury. Shaw made it clear he was back to claim the ultimate prize, but an ambush attack from Jakob Cross has cut Shaw down in his stride, and set both men on a Nightmare collision course.

On December 20 Jakob Cross will face James Shaw in a FBTW Qualifying match at Nightmare B4 Xmas, the winner of that match will go on to meet Travis Banks in the destructive December classic that is Fans Bring the Weapons! Continue Reading

Last Chance results!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the explosive Last Chance this past Saturday night!

In quick results, Fury defeated Pat Schisk to remain New Zealand Heavyweight Champion, Travis Banks & Mr Juicy overcame the Agents of Change, Evie picked up a victory over Carmen Rose, TnT won via disqualification over The Pride, Khan lost his match and his hair thanks to Johnny Idol, Mauler Clementson & Mr Burns defeated Brook Duncan and Vinny Dunn scored a win over Curt Chaos before he was brutally attacked by Chaos.

We’ll have more fallout from Last Chance available soon, including Travis Banks qualifying for Fans Bring the Weapons and the return of James Shaw!

Banks combines with Mr Juicy at Last Chance!

TBAYet another huge feature match added to Last Chance on November 15!

For the first time in many months, Travis Banks will have to switch his focus to tag team competition as he teams up with Mr Juicy from Australia to battle Daniel Burnell’s Agents of Change!

Former New Zealand Tag Team Champions Jakob Cross & Aaron Henry will be looking to make a huge statement on November 15, and have clearly been directed to destroy not only Travis Banks but the man making his Impact Pro Wrestling debut in Mr Juicy.

Banks combines with Australian star Mr Juicy to battle the Agents of Change at Last Chance!

Hair vs. Hair match at Last Chance!

hairKhan has challenged Johnny Idol to a Hair vs. Hair match at Last Chance!

Engulfed in a rivalry over the past few months, Khan & Idol have shown an unwillingness to back down from each other, so it’s of no surprise that Johnny Idol has accepted the stipulation that the loser of this match will have his long locks cut in the middle of the Impact Pro Wrestling ring!

What will concern Idol is the fact he has yet to pick up a pin fall victory over Khan, a fact that has surely led to Khan enticing Idol for another match with much more on the line. Continue Reading

Rose returns to action at Last Chance!

carmCarmen Rose returns to action at Last Chance!

Suffering a broken arm at the hands of Evie, or more accurately, the feet of Evie, Rose will return to in-ring competition at Last Chance to face Evie in a huge one on one confrontation!

The Investment’s Evie has been outspoken in recent months that if you get in her way, bad things will happen. Undeterred by those comments, Carmen Rose has signed on to battle the former New Zealand Women’s Champion, but must be weary of not only the physicality of Evie but the newly reformed BFF combination that will see Megan Kate at ringside. Continue Reading

Last Chance Investment struggle!

vdcTwo members of The Investment have been given one last chance to sort out their differences on November 15!

Since The Investment was formed by Daniel Burnell, there has been a clear power struggle within the group between Vinny Dunn and Curt Chaos. Burnell attempted to get both men to focus on the New Zealand Tag Team Championship, a move clearly designed to bring both competitors together on the same path, but it’s created an even bigger issue between Chaos & Dunn.

Now with both men set to clash one on one at Last Chance, Burnell is hoping that the same competitive edge that caused the issue in the first place will end up solving it on November 15. Continue Reading