Young Nats banned from ringside in huge NBX battle!

bfbNobody was more shocked at the resignation of John Key as New Zealand Prime Minister than Mr Burns, the parochial patriarch of The Young Nats. Unfortunately, those shocks have not ceased with the news that he must face Liam Fury at Nightmare Before Xmas with the remainder of The Young Nats banned from ringside!

Years ago they were the first ever New Zealand Tag Team Champions but now their personal hatred for each other has exploded. Mr Burns was able to steal a win from Liam back in March and has been on a quest to force his former friend into retirement.

For Liam Fury, December 17 has now turned into a date he can elect to launch a full scale furious vengeance on Mr Burns. Continue Reading

De Jong clashes with the Dapper!

ddrjNightmare Before Xmas is the culmination of bitter rivalries, the nexus point of scores to be settled. This year one giant match up will personify what NBX is all about. Reuben de Jong will battle the Dapper Agents in a huge handicap match!

Any man of sane mind would never sign on to battle both Dapper Agents, but when you’re talking Reuben de Jong, you’re talking no normal man. This giant is 6 ft 9. This giant is 140kg. And this giant is out to avenge a heinous attack at the hands of Kingi and Vinny Dunn.

The Dapper Agents as a collective have done it all here in Impact Pro Wrestling, with numerous Championship reigns cementing their legacy. There is one Everest they have yet to conquer. One Great Wall they haven’t climbed. Can the duo take down the biggest monster to ever step foot in a ring in this country? Continue Reading

Triple Threat FBTW headlines Nightmare!

nbx16Three competitors will find themselves in the middle of the December destruction that is Fans Bring The Weapons!

Courtesy of a dead heat finish at Time Crisis, both James Shaw and Brook Duncan will challenge for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship. For the Champion, Curt Chaos, this means the biggest event of 2016 has just become his own worst nightmare.

By hook, by crook or by brass knucks, Curt Chaos has found a way to remain the man in New Zealand professional wrestling throughout 2016. But on December 17 at Nightmare Before Xmas, the walls surrounding the Chaos empire could come crashing down at the hands of two men with revenge and the desire of gold directing their every move. Continue Reading

Time Crisis NZ Tag Team Championship Contest!

sourceThe New Zealand Tag Team Championship and a shot at the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship will be on the line at Time Crisis!

The new champions The Young Nats ( Michael Richards & Jason Burns) have been very vocal that The Friends In Similar Tights – FIST do not deserve a rematch for the gold. Alfred Valentine appears to disagree with the Nats and is giving the popular tag team their deserved rematch for the gold this Saturday at the Titirangi War Memorial Hall.

Not only that the clock will be ticking in the background, if either team can beat the time they will earn at title shot at Nightmare Before Christmas in a triple threat match!

Can FIST re-claim the gold?

Will The Young Nats continue their dominant reign as champions?

Will either team beat the time?

Time Crisis Contest with an edge!

jjThis may prove to be a tricky night for Liam Fury, he’d love nothing more than to take his time in punishing a member of The Young Nats…but it’s all about the pressure of the clock this Saturday night at Time Crisis!

For the new Armageddon Cup Holder Michael Richards it’s about continuing his quick rise through the ranks and leaving the Titirangi Hall with a spot in FBTW at Nightmare Before Xmas!

But he’ll have to defeat a former New Zealand Heavyweight Champion and the clock to do so!

Liam Fury and Michael Richards clash in another huge Time Crisis Beat The Clock Contest!

Liger clashes with Gray!

klIn the deepest reaches of Mitch Gray’s mind, his post-match attack on Liger in September was as justified as it was callous. It was a message to all that he’s not here to fade into the scenery; he’s here to fade the landscape into ‘Gray’ and will leave a trail of victims in his path.

However in the mind of Liger, the blindsided attack was seen as the ultimate disrespect. The Strong Style Superhero has done it all here in Impact Pro Wrestling, but he’s not interested in becoming a victim of dark happenstance at the clutches of Mitch Gray.

Liger battles Mitch Gray in a grudge fueled Time Crisis Beat The Clock Contest on November 19!

Duncan and Dunn try to beat the clock at Time Crisis!

bdvdTime Crisis Contest number three has been revealed with Brook Duncan battling Vinny Dunn!

Duncan will be looking to get things back on track after losing his Championship Contract, while the dapper Dunn will be looking to create history by beating the clock to advance to yet another FBTW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship match at Nightmare Before Xmas!

Time waits for no man on November 19 when Brook Duncan and Vinny Dunn collide at Time Crisis!

Shaw & Kingi battling more than just time!

kjAnother huge Time Crisis match has been revealed!

The equation is simple for James Shaw – Pro Wrestler & Kingi, beat your opponent in the quickest time at Time Crisis and advance to the FBTW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship match at Nightmare Before Xmas 2016!

However, achieving that goal will be no easy task for either man; both are former New Zealand Heavyweight Champions and both are driven in their pursuit to once again headline the biggest event of the year on December 17.

Will the swagger of Kingi be too much to handle at Time Crisis?

Or will it be the idiosyncratic style of James Shaw winning out on November 19?