Knox battles Chaos!

ccd*Dal Knox triumphantly returned to Impact Pro Wrestling to claim the Eliminator Contract this past May, a fact that has angered his former friend in IPW Director Daniel Burnell and his ally Curt Chaos.

At The Ultimate Prize both Knox and Chaos will be looking to gain a crucial victory as they go one on one in a battle that you will not want to miss!

“The Deal” Dal Knox battles Curt Chaos on July 11!

*Dal Knox is the current holder of the Eliminator Contract. The Eliminator Contract grants the holder a shot at the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship during any IPW Live Event they desire.

Britenay and Megan Kate clash at The Ultimate Prize!

MKBThe match was made official at Unleashed, Megan Kate will challenge Britenay for the New Zealand Women’s Championship at The Ultimate Prize on July 11!

Come July, Britenay will be just one month away from a historic one year reign as New Zealand Women’s Champion. A feat only achieved once before by Megan’s BFF partner Evie.

For Megan Kate, putting a halt to the momentum of Britenay by claiming the gold is paramount as she looks to create her own history by claiming the New Zealand Women’s Championship for the very first time.

Britenay has stood tall and defended her crown for 11 months. Continue Reading

Destroy. Gold, or no Gold.

JKJS“If I don’t feed James Shaw to Jakob Cross right now, he’ll eat this company alive from the inside.”

The chilling words of Daniel Burnell have created a dark cloud over the reign of James Shaw as New Zealand Heavyweight Champion. July 11 will see James Shaw attempt to defend his gold against a monster who is hell bent on leaving a path of destruction through IPW like never before.

The intention of Cross is clear. Destroy. Gold, or no gold.

Can James Shaw survive what is sure to be a violent onslaught? Continue Reading

Unleashed 2015 results!

tktThank you to everyone who joined us for Unleashed this past Saturday night!

In quick match results:

Dal Knox, Johnny Idol & Taylor Adams defeated Chaos, Clementson & Mr Burns.

Aaron Henry defeated Michael Richards.

Jakob Cross defeated Fury via Referee Stoppage.

Noface defeated Mason Daniels.

Lil T defeated TK Cooper.

Vinny Dunn & Kingi defeated The Pride via Disqualification.

James Shaw defeated Travis Banks to retain the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship.