Dunn & Chaos battle TnT at Battle Scars!

TNT_SCARSThe New Zealand Tag Team Championship will be on the line at Battle Scars!

As revealed on the latest episode of the IPW Informer, Daniel Burnell has given Curt Chaos & Vinny Dunn one more shot to rip the gold from the hands of the Origin’s TnT. Curt Chaos & Vinny Dunn have had problems in the past getting along, with evidence of that occurring at September Selection when an errant Vinny Dunn spear led to TnT retaining their gold.

For TnT it’s another case of using their speed, heart and dynamic combination to fend off another Investment attack on their New Zealand Tag Team Championship! Continue Reading

Battle Scars backlash for Travis Banks!

bscar_banksAt September Selection Travis Banks dared to lay his hands on IPW Director and The Investment head, Daniel Burnell.  Burnell’s reaction to this infraction was immediate, announcing Banks must face one half of the Agents of Change; Jakob Cross.

“For Travis to think he can attack me without provocation just shows the type of man he is. A man who thinks violence is the answer. Well two can play at the game. At Battle Scars you will face Jakob Cross.

You want violence, Travis Banks? Then its violence you shall get.”

Travis Banks faces Jakob Cross, October 11 at Battle Scars!


Fury vs. Valentine confirmed for Battle Scars!

fury_valentineThe main event for Battle Scars has been confirmed!

At the conclusion of September Selection this past Saturday night, New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Fury of The Investment and Origin leader Alfred Valentine we’re locked in a stand off of generations. September Selection Host Dion McCracken used the power he had for the night to announce Alfred Valentine as the new number one contender via his victory over Jakob Cross…a decision that has clearly upset IPW Director & Investment Head Daniel Burnell.

On the latest IPW Informer Daniel Burnell has confirmed that it will indeed be Alfred Valentine challenging Fury for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, but has claimed that Fury will put a final end to the decorated career of Alfred Valentine once and for all at Battle Scars. Continue Reading

September Selection results!

ss_resultsIt was another highly competitive night of action this past Saturday night at September Selection!

In the main event of the evening, Fury once again held off an incredibly strong challenge from Travis Banks in a 2 out of 3 Falls Street Fight to remain New Zealand Heavyweight Champion. Both men let the physicality loose on each other, making it clear that being the best in the country meant putting their bodies and careers on the line, and with both mean sharing a fall each it would come down to Banks losing focus just slightly as he looked to take his frustration out on Daniel Burnell.
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Titles on the line Saturday night!

tag_champTnT put the New Zealand Tag Team Championship on the line this Saturday night at September Selection!

Both Lil T & T.K Cooper will be hurting from their Capture the Flag Match loss last month, but the hurt could very well continue with their challengers The Pride looking to not only claim gold, but leave a trail of destruction in their path.

The Pride challenge TnT at September Selection! Your night. Your fight.