de Jong on the hunt for some Chaos!


It’s pretty clear that The 7ft Monster, NZ’s Strongest Man Reuben de Jong has all the tools necessary to dethrone Curt Chaos. But while the NZ Heavyweight Champion Chaos continues to use underhanded tactics to retain the gold, the frustration of de Jong can only be building.

What’s next in the Chaos/de Jong saga?

IPW Genesis – A night full of surprises!


A returning Lil’ T, a successful social media campaign for Paul Sayers, the official in-ring return of Taylor Adams, The Young Nats reigning supreme, The Worlds Sexiest Wrestler rising to the top, and much more took place last night at Genesis: The Eliminator!

Just three weeks to go ’til our next live event, but until then; Brace Yourself For Impact!

Will the ‘Sax Man’ blow all other competitors away?


Fan favourite Brook Duncan has entered the fray for the Eliminator match tonight at Genesis!

Will the Sax Man end on a high note after outlasting 19 other competitors? Or will his attempt at gold see him fall flat on his brass?

The Sax Appeal of Brook Duncan has garnered the adoration of the IPW fans, but it is his Sax Drive that proves he’s got what he takes to possibly win the Eliminator match.

More action added to Genesis!


A special match has just been added to the card for this Saturday’s IPW Genesis event!

Aftershock Pro Wrestling’s Hu$tla, will be making his IPW in-ring debut against the returning ‘Taylormade Man’ Taylor Adams.

Hu$tla is known for his gutsy performances, but the experienced Taylor Adams is not going to let some rapscallion tarnish his comeback.

A faceless Eliminator victory?


The enigmatic NoFace will enter the Eliminator this Saturday!

Will NoFace creep his way into a NZ Heavyweight title shot? Or will he even care? This creature is known to be unpredictable attacking anyone who gains its attention.

Mr Burns set to feel the Fury!


It’s official! Liam Fury returns for one more match to deal to his former partner Mr. Burns, and The Young Nats!

No one knows Mr. Burns as well as Liam Fury, so who better to knock some sense into the Young Nats’ esteemed leader?
Will Liam show Mr. Burns the error of his ways? Or will Mr. Burns employ the help of his colleagues to tame the Fury?

Sinclair ready to dominate at Genesis!


Although Shane Sinclair has years of experience in New Zealand wrestling, he is a relative newcomer to IPW. He looks to make an impact by using his technical skills he has mastered over the years, to not only eliminate 19 other men, but to punish them as well.

Some would say Sinclair is the most technically gifted athlete in New Zealand, and the most dangerous. 19 competitors will step in his way, and they may all fall!

Will Sinclair add the 2016 Eliminator and eventually the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship to his already decorated career?

Two of NZ’s toughest women go one on one!


Megan-Kate, a former three time New Zealand Women’s Champion, made an enemy out of Franke Quinn by attacking both her and the current Women’s Champion Britenay at Championship Carnage.

Megan had promised both women that she would send a message to IPW and the fans, and she did that in dominant fashion.
Britenay will be keeping a close eye on this match, as both women are potential challengers for the women’s title.

Megan-Kate goes one on one with Franke Quinn on April 30th!

Will Brodie coast his way through 19 other participants ?


Genesis will see one half of F.I.S.T (Friends In Similar Tights) enter the Eliminator with 19 other men to fight it out for the Eliminator contract.

F.I.S.T are still looking to win the tag team titles from The Dapper Agents, after stealing their prized watches while they battled it out in a triple threat match at Championship Carnage. Will Brodie Coast be able to not only steal the watches, but the tag titles AND the 2016 Eliminator contract in the near future?

April 30th at the Lynfield Youth & Leisure Centre will be the place to be if those questions are to be answered!

Can ‘The Deal’ make it back to back Eliminator victories?


A man who has pretty much done it all in New Zealand Wrestling looks to make even more history, by being the only man to win the Eliminator back to back and claiming the 2016 Eliminator contract for himself!

Dal Knox did what others only dream of doing, and won the 2015 Eliminator rumble match claiming the contract which would grant him a title shot any time he wanted. Unfortunately for Knox, Curt Chaos would eventually rob Dal of the contract later in the year, and would then cash in and become the new champion at Championship Carnage.

Can the 4x New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Knox Out his way to victory? April 30th will answer those questions and more!