Capture the flag, capture control!

rival_ctfEmotion-fraught chaos has reigned between The Investment and the Origin as they’ve battled for control and power in IPW. Finally, in a match up that has been threatening all year, the two sides will collide in the massive Double Ring Capture the Flag match at Rival Turf!

Brand new New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Fury will combine with his new Investment teammates in Vinny Dunn, Curt Chaos, Pat Schisk, Jakob Cross & Aaron Henry to battle Team Origin which consists of Alfred Valentine, Alexander, “Pirate” Jason Burns, James Shaw, Lil T & TK Cooper.

This infamous match has settled scores, scarred competitors and created bitter rivals. Each man will be bent on capturing one of the flags that will stand in each ferociously guarded team corner. It is the team that overwhelms their opponents to bring both flags to their ring and corner that will claim victory, but it won’t be without a price. Continue Reading

Trial by Combat ends with Fury on top!

fury_tbc“You will face your fear. And you will lose.” These words from IPW Director Daniel Burnell became prophecy for Travis Banks this past Saturday night at Trial by Combat.

The night started brutally with a Tables Match that pitted Travis Banks against Curt Chaos. Both men sought to end the match early by utilizing the tables around the ring, but it would ultimately be in the centre of the ring where the match would be decided. Banks powerbombed his challenger through a table, got the pin and the right to advance in the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship Gauntlet.

In the second phase, The Investment’s hopes were pinned on the perennial bruiser Pat Schisk to bring the championship back under Burnell’s control. Travis Banks refused to fall in line with Director’s plans and locked in the Lion’s Clutch to send Pat Schisk packing with no gold.

The stage was then set for the main event, where Banks prepared to defend his New Zealand Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match against the Agents of Change, Jakob Cross and Aaron Henry. AOC took early control of the match as the fight spilled outside and Banks struggled to gain space from the double team attack. When the physicality returned to the ring, however, the momentum shifted and the champ began to show the Agents what getting down to business his way was all about. Continue Reading

Fury has claimed the gold!

In breaking news from Trial by Combat, Fury has aligned with Daniel Burnell & The Investment to claim the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship for the very first time after defeating a broken and beaten Travis Banks. We’ll have more news on this developing story soon, not to mention words from both Fury & Burnell available soon on an exclusive edition of The IPW Informer!

Trial by Combat tomorrow night!

We’re just 24 hours away from Trial by Combat!

Make sure you join us at the Mt Albert War Memorial from 6.3opm to witness all the action of this huge Impact Pro Wrestling live event, and don’t forget to check out the Trial by Combat page to get yourself caught up with all the happenings heading into tomorrow night!

Tag Team Championship on the line!

The New Zealand Tag Team Championship will be on the line this Saturday night at Trial by Combat!

After being punished by Daniel Burnell for joining The Origin at Escalation, TnT will be back in the ring putting their gold on the line against the brand new combination of Khan & Taylor Adams!

Lil T & TK Cooper will be looking to solidify their status of the best tag team in New Zealand while Khan & Adams will be focused on putting a spanner in the works by claiming gold on their very first night as a combination! Continue Reading

Tables Match to open Trial by Combat!

banks_tbcThe New Zealand Heavyweight Championship Gauntlet. It is one of the most grueling, career-threatening and insurmountable battles for the belt ever devised. Travis Banks will face this test with a will of steel and a heart of determination this coming Saturday at IPW: Trial by Combat, but the odds are not in his favour.

Daniel Burnell has remained close-lipped about the match, unwilling to give Banks time to prepare which has to further impact his chances going in to the match. The Investment Head and IPW Director Daniel Burnell has finally broken his silence on the match, and released the following statement to earlier today: Continue Reading

Britenay & Rose battle Evie & Olivia!

evei_tbcEmotions have hit a boiling point between fierce rivals and long time foes, Britenay and Evie. At the centre of it all is the battle to be the rightful holder of the New Zealand Women’s Championship. Now their toxic interpersonal battle has drawn in two other competitors; Carmen Rose and Olivia Shaw!

It was revealed in the latest episode of the IPW Informer that Daniel Burnell has scheduled a huge tag team match up. Evie will team up with Olivia Shaw in an alliance of attitude to battle the feisty pairing of Britenay and Carmen Rose, a combination built on respect and friendship. Continue Reading

Taped Fists scheduled for Trial by Combat!

vinny_tbcThe chaotic nature of the confrontations between The Investment & Origin has been clear and present in recent months, and its set to continue July 26 at Trial by Combat with a huge Taped Fists Match between Vinny Dunn and Alfred Valentine!

Every time Valentine & Dunn have been in the same ring in 2014 things have taken a violent turn, and the violence has led to the majority of their matches being thrown out due the illegal use of closed fists. That however will not be the outcome on July 26, with Daniel Burnell announcing in the latest IPW Informer a huge Taped Fists Match between Dunn & Valentine!

This huge confrontation between The Investment & Origin looks set to once again run rampant and continue the massive turf war between both groups!

Join us at Trial by Combat for this huge feature match!