Last Chance Armageddon Cup Tournament!

cup_imageThe eight participants for the Armageddon Cup Tournament have been revealed!

For the first time in history the winner of this year’s Armageddon Cup will get a shot at the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at Last Chance on November 15!

Quarter final action will see former New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Travis Banks battling current Armageddon Cup Champion Jakob Cross of The Investment, Johnny Idol squaring off with former holder Curt Chaos of The Investment, Pat Schisk clashing with The Investment’s Joel Clementson and Elias facing off with Brook Duncan!

One of those men will battle Fury, November 15 at Last Chance!

Find out who it will be by joining IPW at the Auckland Armageddon Expo, all three days over Labour weekend!

Fury wins the battle!

fury_scarsNew Zealand Heavyweight Champion Fury survived a huge threat this past Saturday night!

Check out the below report thanks to Corey Marsden of!

Fury made his way to the ring for the Battle Scars main event accompanied by the leader of The Investment, Daniel Burnell, but Valentine was not alone as he had former IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken in his corner.

As the match began, Fury tried to get as much space from Valentine as he could by getting between the ropes and even rolling to the outside. It was clear that Fury wanted to dictate the pace of the match-up. The action finally began with both men locking up and powering each other around the ring, which ultimately broke down into both men trading shots at one another.

Valentine was able to take Fury off of his feet and, as soon as Fury’s back was against the mat, Valentine tried to put Fury into his signature hold, the Vordermann Crab. Valentine was unable to fully lock in the submission before Fury was able to kick him off.

Both men traded attempts to put the other into the Taupo Cray/Vordermann Crab but were both able to reverse out of the hold. Valentine was able to reverse it into a pinning situation but was only able to get a two count. Continue Reading

Battle Scars tomorrow night!

fury_valentineWe’re just one night away from Battle Scars!

The New Zealand Heavyweight Championship is on the line when Alfred Valentine of the Origin battles Fury of The Investment, Travis Banks battles Jakob Cross, TnT put their gold on the line against Chaos & Dunn, Khan & Idol collide in a rematch, Clementson & Burns battle Schisk & Elias plus Britenay has called out Megan Kate!

Join us for those matches and much more at Battle Scars!

Check out our live event page for more details.

Another match added to Battle Scars!

Another huge match has been added to Battle Scars this Saturday night!

After being viciously ousted from The Investment, Pat Schisk will team up with the intense Elias to take on the latest additions to The Investment; Mr Burns & Joel Clementson!

For all the information on Battle Scars and tickets, head to the live event page now!

Britenay calls out Megan Kate!

britMegan Kate has been challenged to answer for her September Selection actions this Saturday night by New Zealand Women’s Champion Britenay!

“Megan Kate, welcome back from wherever you’ve been hiding. Great to see you’ve still got it, old girl.

You know, I did nothing to warrant that attack from you. I earnt the IPW NZ Women’s Championship in my match against Evie at Rival Turf. I don’t care who you think you are, or who your BFF is, this Saturday at Battle Scars, I expect to see you there & let’s settle this one-on-one.”

Will Megan Kate show up at Battle Scars? Continue Reading

Rematch set for Battle Scars!

KHANA return match from September Selection has been announced for Battle Scars!

After losing via count out, Johnny Idol gets another shot at revenge when he once again collides with Khan!

Khan has shown a vicious streak as of late, targeting the ribs of Idol with no remorse or recourse. Will Khan continue to get the upper hand or will Idol manage to overcome his latest rival?

Find out October 11 at Battle Scars!

Dunn & Chaos battle TnT at Battle Scars!

TNT_SCARSThe New Zealand Tag Team Championship will be on the line at Battle Scars!

As revealed on the latest episode of the IPW Informer, Daniel Burnell has given Curt Chaos & Vinny Dunn one more shot to rip the gold from the hands of the Origin’s TnT. Curt Chaos & Vinny Dunn have had problems in the past getting along, with evidence of that occurring at September Selection when an errant Vinny Dunn spear led to TnT retaining their gold.

For TnT it’s another case of using their speed, heart and dynamic combination to fend off another Investment attack on their New Zealand Tag Team Championship! Continue Reading