Historic Women’s Armageddon Cup Announced!

History will be made this weekend at the Armageddon Expo with the first ever Women’s Armageddon Cup Tournament taking centre stage!

Six of the best competitors in New Zealand will have an opportunity to not only add their names to the illustrious list of holders, but will become the first ever female to lift the Armageddon Cup. Split into three qualifying matches, New Zealand Women’s Champion Britenay, Ashlee Spencer, Grace Lightning, Delilah, Franke Quinn and Candy Lee will all compete to make the Armageddon Cup Final which will be contested under Triple Threat rules.

The Qualifiers will see Candy Lee clash with Franke Quinn, Ashlee Spencer collide with newcomer Delilah and Britenay facing off against another newcomer to the scene in Grace Lightning.

The three to advance will do battle in a huge Triple Threat to decide the first ever Women’s Armageddon Cup Holder!

Can Britenay make history and hold the Armageddon Cup & New Zealand Women’s Championship simultaneously? Continue Reading

The Holy Grail: One Word!

With The Holy Grail fast approaching it’s time to take a quick look at some of the contests and one word that might mean victory or defeat for the combatants!

Brook Duncan: Silence. Duncan can silence the critics once and for all this Saturday night. A victory over a former multiple times New Zealand Heavyweight Champion in Vinny Dunn will put an end to the careless whispers of doubt and solidify Duncan as the man.

Vinny Dunn: Reclaim. Vinny Dunn can reclaim more than just the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at The Holy Grail; he can reclaim the territory that he presided over for so many years as Champion. Dunn knows how to get it done in big time contests, a huge advantage he holds over Brook Duncan.

Check out the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship preview here!

Privileged: Hesitancy.

Are Roberts and Castlewood the real deal?

Or are they just paper Champions? Continue Reading

Will Mitch Gray conform?

Mitch Gray has been ordered by the IPW Board of Directors to apologise at The Holy Grail for the brutal attack that has left “Handsome” Danny Jacobs out of action indefinitely with severe facial injuries.

Will the dark force of IPW comply?

Or will somebody else suffer at the hands of Gray?

A Nightmare Of A Dream Team For Privileged?

Any hopes Roberts & Castlewood had of sliding through another IPW event without defending their gold have been dashed with the news they must face Pride & Fury at The Holy Grail!

No strangers individually to New Zealand Tag Team Championship reigns, Liger & Liam Fury will not only be looking for revenge after the antics of Privileged at September Selection, but will be looking to add another golden addition to their already impressive curriculum vitae.

For Charlie Roberts & Curtis Castlewood, The Holy Grail will be an opportunity to prove themselves as worthy holders of the New Zealand Tag Team Championship by defeating an experienced dream team combination with pride and fury in their veins. Continue Reading

Duncan And Dunn Set To Clash At Holy Grail!

Brook Duncan is in for the biggest test of his career on October 14 at The Holy Grail!

After surviving an aggressive challenge by Dave O’Connor at September Selection, Duncan must now switch his introspection to dealing with another multiple time New Zealand Heavyweight Champion in Vinny Dunn.

After controversially being named the next challenger by new permanent General Manager Benjamin Keen, a wounded Vinny Dunn finds himself once again within arm’s reach of the biggest prize and will be hoping his calamitous confrontation with Reuben de Jong last month has put him in good stead for his challenge on October 14.

However one thing to consider is that both men are heading into this New Zealand Heavyweight Championship match well under full capacity due to their recent brutal contests respectively. Continue Reading

NZ Tag Team Championship Scene Heating Up!

As we head into our next live event The Holy Grail, the landscape of the IPW Tag Team Division is beginning to manipulate itself into a plethora of combinations that all have the same goal. To be New Zealand Tag Team Champions.

For the current New Zealand Tag Team Champions, Castlewood & Roberts, it’s about decoding just what kind of hold they have on the gold. With only just one defence under their belts at IPW live events since they claimed the gold at The Eliminator back in April, one could suggest their grip may not be as ironclad as they would hope.

Especially considering their victory in that sole defence came via an orchestrated disqualification so they could escape with the gold. When you also factor in their antics at September Selection against Liam Fury, their tenuous hold on the gold may be exposed if Pride & Fury decide The Holy Grail is the time for revenge. Continue Reading