Endgame – This Saturday!

Endgame is this Saturday and we have an incredible show for you!

Paul Sayers takes on Will Stone in a Strap match, Jake Shehaan takes on Australias Mick Moretti, and the New Zealand Women's Champion

Gotta pull out the international talent for the Eliminator!

The New Zealand Women’s Championship will be on the line at The Eliminator as Candy Lee defends her championship against Harley Wonderland.

Wonderland is a former ICW, SWA and RCW competitor – a mainstay on the Australian wrestling scene that could be Candy’s hardest challenge to date.

Will Candy step up and vanquish this threat from across the Tasman? Or will an Australian walk away with the New Zealand Women’s Championship?

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15 years in the making!

It started with a brawl at Takedown, escalated to a cinder block smashing across the champion’s chest at March To War, and now at The Eliminator these two will finally fight one-on-one, with the greatest prize in this industry on the line.

New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Jakob Cross takes on one of the most dominant New Zealand champions of all time, Kingi — in what is guaranteed to be less of a wrestling match and more of a fight!

Early-bird tickets still available.
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2 Out Of 3 Falls 4 Shaw!

Jake Shehaan vs James Shaw in a 2 out of 3 falls match has just been confirmed for Impact Pro Wrestling: March To War!

For Shaw this is a chance to avenge his family; one fall for his father and one fall for himself.

For Sheehan it’s a chance to establish himself by ending James’ career and delivering Shaw his third and final concussion.

March 23rd
Mt Eden War Memorial

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Big Strong Dude Faces Tough Challenge

Mr Tagata’ese currently stands at 412 days undefeated…

…but that streak gets put to the ultimate test at Impact Pro Wrestling: March To War! Mr T will be taking on five mystery opponents in a gauntlet match. That’s right, five men intent on ‘beating the streak’ will take on the big man one by one.

It’s 1 vs 5 at Impact Pro Wrestling: March To War!

March 23rd
Mt Eden War Memorial

Ticket selling fast.
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Mixed Tag To Be Lit

This Saturday at the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall will see mixed tag team action!

IPW NZ Women’s Champion Candy Lee and Falcon Kid will join forces to take on Little Ted and Grace Lightning!

Only one team will come out on top, who is it gonna be?