Date: February, 2016
Location: Glenfield ActivZone, Glenfield [map]
Time: 7pm (doors open at 6.30pm)
Ticket prices: $20 (Adults), $10 (Children)
Buy tickets: Buy online or at the door

jssImpact Pro Wrestling returns to the North Shore for Fallout on February 13!

James Shaw’s body is still recovering from the Ultimate Match with Johnny Idol at Dawn of 16 but his body better be ready for his next challenger on Feb 13, Shane Sinclair.

The former Oceania Amateur Wrestling champion and vegan warrior, Shane Sinclair knows what it’s like to wear NZ championship gold and he aims to add the IPW NZ Heavyweight Championship to his trophy case.

Can James Shaw recuperate in time to defend the NZ heavyweight title at 100% or will the Fallout of the Ultimate Match be his undoing?

Two bitter enemies locked in eternal combat will go one on one at Fallout on the 13th of Feburary.

A new resident of the North Shore, Megan-Kate looks to regain the Women’s title back from the current champion Britenay and add the Women’s Championship belt to the mantle of her new home.

We have seen these two locked in combat for years and each time it gets more and more violent.Will Megan Kate’s home advantage be the X factor that see her regain the title or will Britenay’s experience and fiery determination see her walk out of the ActivZone still the Women’s Champion?

It’s official! After laying down the challenge to No Face, Brook Duncan gets his wish!

Brook Duncan will take on No Face in a Falls Count Anywhere match!

This heated rivalry can not be contained in the wrestling ring so they will take the fight all around the Glenfield ActivZone.

Will No Face succumb to Brook’s Sax Appeal or will the no holds barred style of No Face come out on top?


New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
(c) James Shaw vs. Shane Sinclair

New Zealand Women’s Championship
(c) Britenay vs. Megan Kate

Falls Count Anywhere
Brook Duncan vs. No Face

More to be announced!