At Time Crisis we will have 6 auctions to Get Mitchell To Wrestlemania 35!

Mitchell was born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a progressive muscle disease that affects 1 out of every 3600 baby boys. DMD is the most common of nine muscular dystrophy disorders, and is characterized by progressive difficulty in walking and performing everyday activities as muscles to deteriorate and break down.

Mitchell has a bucket list and on top of that is the ultimate trip of going to WWE WrestleMania in the USA. Due to his condition, Mitchell can not travel for more than four hours on any flight, making a trip to the USA a logistical challenge.

Michell’s IPW family are determined to make his dream a reality, but we need your help.


Auction 1
The Ultimate VIP IPW Fan Pass

  • Valid for 12 months.
  • 12 double front row tickets.
  • Free IPW hoodie and t-Shirt.
  • No waiting in lines for IPW events.
  • Free food and drink at each show. (Pie & drink x2)
  • You get to make 1 dream match within 12 months.
  • IPW poster signed by every IPW wrestler.
  • 5 beginner pro wrestling trainings at the IPW training school.


Auction 2
Be Liam Fury’s Manager.

  • Accompany Liam Fury to the ring.
  • Be the special enforcer for Liam Fury’s match.
  • The winner will get a free signed Liam Fury t-shirt and photos.


Auction 3
Dinner Date

Go on a dinner date with either Vinny Dunn or Candy Lee. Reserve price $200

  • Choose from any restaurant in Ponsonby.
  • Free dinner and two drinks ($150).
  • Uber ride to and from Ponsonby.


Auction 4
Hand drawn art by Liger

Silent auction. Action will be Silent bids written down at the start of the show and intermission.


Auction 5
The Jukebox Experience!

  • Pick the song for the Jukebox hero to sing at our next live event.
  • Make an entrance with the Jukebox Hero at the event.
  • Be at ringside for the Jukebox Hero’s match.
  • Get a free Jukebox hero t-shirt.


Auction 6
IPW T-Shirt package!

  • IPW stars have created a package of t-shirts for the winner of this auction!


If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us via Facebook.


IPW: Time Crisis
Saturday 10 November 2018 7:00pm – 9:00pm
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