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A Decade of Impact results!
Travis Banks becomes the last ever NZ Heavyweight Champion!

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Impact Pro Wrestling is back!
Jul 16, 2013 at 03:22 PM

Impact Entertainment Ltd is overjoyed to announce the return of Impact Pro Wrestling!

At the conclusion of our final event back in April we were incredibly humbled by the outpouring of respect and passion towards our company and it lead to many offers of assistance to get Impact Pro Wrestling back up and on our feet once again, and for that we are incredibly grateful.

We are pleased to announce that a significant investor has stepped forward to aid IPW in re-establishing our brand as the premier professional wresting company in New Zealand, and it is with great excitement that we can now announce a return to live shows beginning on the 27th of July, 2013.

A Decade of Impact: Banks becomes the last NZ Champion!
May 02, 2013 at 09:16 AM

Impact Pro Wrestling's decade of impact is over, but the memories of last night's historic final ever event will last a lifetime for the fans in attendance at a standing room only Lynfield Recreation Centre.

At the end of the night it was Travis Banks who was left holding the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, hoisted aloft in the centre of the ring by his peers and supporters alike. In order to win the belt however, Banks first had to get through one of the greatest matches that the New Zealand wrestling industry has ever seen.

Banks, alongside the defending champion Kingi and Liam Fury, put on a display of high impact technical wrestling that had the IPW faithful on their feet for the majority of the contest.

All three men had their moments in the early portion of the match, trading big moves and attempting to snatch a surprise pinfall. However it wasn't until Travis Banks ascended to the top rope and leapt onto Kingi with a senton bomb to the floor that the action really heated up.

Not to be outdone, Fury followed suit with a top rope moonsault onto both Banks and Kingi on the outside that sent all three men reeling. Back in the ring, Banks and Fury went back and forth with stiff strikes as the crowd cheered them on.

Looking to finish things off, Banks made his way again to the top rope, but was caught by Kingi, who had re-entered the ring. Sensing an opportunity, Fury charged at the champion, only to be vaulted upwards, where he managed to hit a flying hurricanrana on Banks.

Breaking news: Fale to appear this Saturday night!
Apr 25, 2013 at 09:53 AM

King Fale is set to appear this Saturday night at A Decade of Impact!

King Fale will return to action after his brutal match with Travis Banks last month to take on IPW's T.J Rocket!

The New Japan Pro Wrestling monster will be looking to continue on his brutal path and leave his mark on the last night of Impact Pro Wrestling...but can T.J Rocket overcome it all on the final night in IPW's history?

Find out this Saturday night at A Decade of Impact! Tickets are on sale now!

A Gauntlet to decide history!
Apr 22, 2013 at 12:21 PM

The last ever IPW Tag Team Champions will be decided this Saturday night at A Decade of Impact!

Since defeating NEO Justice Double for the gold, TnT have reigned with swag and controversy but this Saturday night their hopes of remaining the holders have taken a major hit with the announcement that they must defend their gold against five other teams in a Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match!

If Brother T and Lil T are to be remembered as the final ever IPW Tag Team Champions then they will be hoping for the luck of the draw in this gauntlet and they’ll be hoping there will not be another team hungrier than them to be the last ever holders. That however is unlikely, as five other teams will enter the fray with their eyes on the prize and one of those teams will be the reforming Professional Standard!

More matches revealed for April 27!
Apr 18, 2013 at 02:07 PM

The matches keep on coming for A Decade of Impact on April 27!

They were two egos that could barely coexist, two men that could barely get along but when they did, they were the best tag team in the country. Dal Knox and Dave O’Connor have been at bitter odds with each other and now IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken has been pulled full force into the saga, so much so that he will for the very first time in history step into the ring and compete. O’Connor was just seconds away from claiming the ultimate prize at Genesis until Dion McCracken decided to get involved and that action has made it clear IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken’s loyalty lies with Dal Knox.

Knox will enter A Decade of Impact on April 27 with The Commissioner as his tag team partner, giving him the numbers advantage on paper, however the apparent defiance of Dave O’Connor to confirm to the wishes of both Knox and McCracken may have lead them to make a bad judgement call. After all, it will be totally legal for O’Connor to get his hands on McCracken when the bell rings, creating a very dangerous situation for a man who has never competed since Impact Pro wrestling opened its doors.

Evie and Olivia Shaw look to make their own history!
Apr 15, 2013 at 09:52 AM

A  Decade of Impact will see two of Impact Pro Wrestling’s most popular stars collide head on with the goal of being the last ever IPW New Zealand Women’s Champion on April 27!

The prize for winning was clear at Genesis for Britenay and Olivia, win and earn the right to face Evie for the gold on the last night for Impact Pro Wrestling. Britenay however seemed convinced on the fact Evie would not even be able to compete on April 27, a fact rammed home by the returning “Handsome” Danny Jacobs and Paul Starr who demanded that when Britenay beat Olivia she should be awarded the IPW NZ Women’s Championship right then and there. That dream for the returning New Vogue came to a crashing end however, because they didn’t predict to face such a gallant and passionate Olivia Shaw and they certainly did not foresee a returning Evie to spoil their plans.

Olivia Shaw rose above the challenge of Britenay that night, but she faces the biggest challenge of her short career on April 27 when she goes one on one with Evie, the benchmark when it comes to Women’s Professional Wrestling in New Zealand. The globetrotting Evie will return home from Shimmer in North America and face a brand new challenger for her coveted IPW NZ Women’s Championship at A Decade of Impact, but it is a challenger she must be weary of, because after all, Olivia Shaw will be the only thing standing between Evie making history as the only competitor to hold the New Zealand Women’s Championship.

Three men. One Championship. One last chance.
Apr 09, 2013 at 03:14 PM

Impact Pro Wrestling presents A Decade of Impact on April 27, the final ever show after an amazing ten years in business!

On April 27, three men clash with the chance to be remembered as the last ever Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand Heavyweight Champion.

Since winning the ultimate prize in May of 2012, Kingi has put away all challengers that have crossed his path and created one of the most memorable championship runs in New Zealand Professional Wrestling history. When you sit back and dream about a Professional Wrestling career in New Zealand, you dream about having the career of Kingi. A four time IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion, IPW Tag Team Champion, South Pacific Champion and NZPWI Grand Champion. The accolades are vast and impressive, but when he arrives to the Lynfield Recreation Centre on April 27 there will be two men waiting for him, two men looking to end his run, and two men wanting their own place in history.

Genesis results!
Apr 04, 2013 at 10:11 AM

IPW Genesis came to a controversial conclusion on Saturday night, when both Liam Fury and Travis Banks had their hands raised at the end of the annual Eliminator match.

Having outlast 18 other men, the two competitors fought tooth and nail for a shot at being the last ever IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion. However the match ended in confusion as Liam Fury tapped out to the Lions Clutch at the same moment as Banks' shoulders were being counted down for the pin.

As two ringside referees argued over who the rightful winner should be, IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken emerged to announce that both men would get a title shot at IPW A Decade of Impact on April 30.

It was an exciting finish to a match that will likely go down in IPW history as one of the most chaotic and unpredictable that New Zealand wrestling has ever seen.

The two entrants who drew numbers one and two, James Shaw and NZWPW Heavyweight Champion Johnny Idol, wasted no time getting things started as both men tried to toss each other over the top rope.

In at number three, IPW veteran "Heartless" Alfed Valentine seemed happy to let Idol and Shaw battle it out, that is until entrant number four - his former protégé, Flag Boy, made his way down the aisle.

Flag Boy and HAV seemed just about to square off, but decided better off it and embraced centre ring. However the reunion wasn't over yet, as another former ally of HAV, the Fire Ant, was revealed as the surprise fifth entrant.

But just when it seemed like these three former partners might dominate the rest of the match, HAV turned on his two friends and DDT'd them both.

Genesis taking shape!
Mar 28, 2013 at 11:16 AM

We’re just days away from the second to last IPW event and the Genesis line up has taken shape!

Kingi puts his IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship on the line in a Triple Threat against “The Deal” Dal Knox and Dave O’Connor this Saturday night. The winner of that match will head to Decade of Impact on April 27 as the holder of the ultimate prize and will await the winner of The Eliminator to join them in the last ever main event in Impact Pro Wrestling history. Who will that man be? It will be the man who can survive and thrive in The Eliminator, and the man who can best switch focus from the chaos of The Eliminator to the tradition of a one on one encounter. Announced so far for The Eliminator are Liam Fury, Liger, Elias, Pat Schisk, James Shaw, Pirate Burns, Joel Clementson, Jason “Ace” Moore plus another dozen more entrants will enter the fray.

Who will they be? Find out this Saturday night!

New Japan Pro Wrestling star at Genesis!
Mar 20, 2013 at 12:35 PM

New Japan Pro Wrestling star King Fale appears at Genesis on March 30!

Standing at 6 foot 4 and weighing in at 113kg’s, this Tongan born monster quickly rose to fame in NJPW with impressive outings against Manabu Nakanishi., Hiromu Takahashi and also formed a devastating team with Giant Bernard (Tensai) of WWE fame. His hard hitting arsenal and power has seen him quickly become a force in Japan and abroad.

Competing in New Zealand for the very first time, Fale will not have it all his own way as he locks up with Impact Pro Wrestling's own Travis Banks in a Special Attraction match at Genesis.

Banks is of course no stranger to Japan himself having just returned from a six month stint with Zero-1 Pro Wrestling, and he’ll be looking to put all he has learned from the land of the rising sun to the test against a much bigger and stronger opponent in King Fale.

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