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Dion McCracken

With no hint of hyperbole, Dion McCracken is the premier authority for all things New Zealand wrestling. Founder & Owner of NZPWI, the definitive go-to point for New Zealand wrestling fans and local media, he has given coverage to the current breed of wrestling companies since their inception.

A well-spoken but similarly outspoken commentator for Impact Pro Wrestling’s live events and televised “Ignition” broadcasts since 2003. The mastermind and creative chief for 2006 and 2007’s NZPWI Invitationals, still heralded as the best single-night showcases of NZ wrestling in more than 30 years. A 2nd Dan Black Belt Instructor of Taekwondo and a man well versed in various fighting arts.

So it was a decision that went without much in the way of outcry when Dion McCracken was named Commissioner of IPW in 2009, even from the most notorious of complainers. There were one or two questions posed – how would he be able to remain commentator and undertake the new role of Commissioner? Also, would he really be able to lay down the law or would his Martial Arts background mantra of ‘defense first’ get in the way?

McCracken answered the first part with ease. Being at ringside gives him the best possible viewpoint to witness underhanded tactics and rule infringing. He is able to speak with IPW referees, but at the same time lets them do the job they’re hired to do. As for the second question, in McCracken’s reign as Commissioner, to defend has not meant to back down. Just ask the likes of Alfred Valentine, Jon E. King, Gary O. Davis, Danny Jacobs and others who have pushed things a little too far with Dion, and have been put in their place. Those were decisions they ultimately had to respect, because they respect the man who gives them. Since then however, IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken, "The Deal" Dal Knox and a team of NZWPW radicals orchestrated one of the most destructive attacks ever seen at Rival Turf 2010, and in the process the returning Knox became the new IPW Champion leaving behind him the blood, tears and anger of an IPW community rocked to it's very foundation.

Now it seems Dion McCracken is set on his own vision for IPW and his "perfect Champion" Dal Knox is more than happy to be along for the ride.

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