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Only the very best in the country have been able to call themselves a Champion in Impact Pro Wrestling. From the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship (the active title with the longest lineage in New Zealand professional wrestling) and the IPW Tag Team Championship to the recently created IPW New Zealand Women's Championship and the prestigious Armageddon Cup, find out the full title histories below!

Name Date Location
Kingi (3) 3/05/12 Westlake, Auckland
Alexander 19/01/12 Westlake, Auckland
Dal Knox (4) 12/03/11 Westlake, Auckland
Vinny Dunn (3) 11/12/10 Westlake, Auckland
Dal Knox (3) 22/08/10 Westlake, Auckland
Vinny Dunn (2) 22/08/10 Westlake, Auckland
Reuben de Jong 29/05/10 Westlake, Auckland
Vinny Dunn 12/12/09 Westlake, Auckland
Joseph Kinkade 05/09/09 Lynfield, Auckland
Dal Knox (2) 04/10/08 Lynfield, Auckland
Jordan Invincible 28/06/08 Lynfield, Auckland
Dal Knox 15/12/07 Westlake, Auckland
Jon E. King (3) 25/11/06 Lynfield, Auckland
Davey Deluxeo (3) 27/08/06 Lynfield, Auckland
Jon E. King (2) 17/06/06 Lynfield, Auckland
"Heartless" Alfred Valentine (2) 15/04/06 Lynfield, Auckland
Jon E. King 25/03/06 Lynfield, Auckland
"Heartless" Alfred Valentine 29/10/05 Lynfield, Auckland
The Economist 23/04/05 Lynfield, Auckland
The Machine (2) 18/12/04 Mangere, Auckland
Davey Deluxeo (2) 14/08/04 Pt. Chevalier, Auckland
Roger Ventura 15/05/04 Pt. Chevalier, Auckland
Davey Deluxeo 07/12/02 Pt. Chevalier, Auckland
The Machine 09/03/02 Mangere, Auckland
Name Date Location
Neo Justice Double 31/03/12 Papatoetoe, Auckland
"The Deal" Dal Knox & Dave O'Connor 8/12/11 Westlake, Auckland
Smack Industries 12/03/11 Westlake, Auckland
Saint Chaos (2) 11/12/10 Westlake, Auckland
The Kiwi Express 25/10/10 Greenlane, Auckland
Saint Chaos 4/09/10 Lynfield, Auckland
Pirates and Ninjas are Totally Awesome 17/04/10 Papatoetoe, Auckland
Name Date Location
Evie 18/08/12 Lynfield, Auckland
Name Date Location
Antonio 21/10/12 Auckland
Liger (2) 21/10/12 Auckland
"The Peak of Perfection" Travis Banks 22/04/12 Wellington
"Handsome" Danny Jacobs 15/04/12 Hamilton
Liam Fury 9/04/11 Wellington
Vinny Dunn (2) 24/10/10 Greenlane, Auckland
A-Class 3/04/10 Wellington
Brian Saint James 26/10/09 Auckland
Joseph Kinkade (2) 29/03/09 Christchurch
Alexander 26/10/08 Auckland
Davey Deluxeo 26/04/08 Christchurch
Disco Inferno 19/04/08 Wellington
Kid Liger 21/10/07 Auckland
Jordan Invincible 22/10/06 Auckland
Halo 30/04/06 Wellington
Vinny Dunn 29/04/06 Wellington
Dal Knox 24/10/05 Auckland
Ricky DeVinal 17/04/05 Wellington
Joey Kinkade 25/09/04 Wellington
The Economist 22/09/03 Wellington
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