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Justin Lane calls for Breakdown postponement, threatens legal action
Jun 08, 2010 at 03:05 PM

Impactprowrestling.co.nz today received the following statement from Justin Lane, manager of IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion, Reuben de Jong.

“I and my client, Reuben de Jong, are shocked and appalled at the actions of Peter Lane, “The One” Vinny Dunn and IPW Management. The post match video challenge made to my client at Genesis for a Championship rematch on June 19 at Breakdown, and Peter Lane’s claim that ‘there is definitely going to be a rematch, June 19’ holds no legal grounding. As Champion, it is my client’s decision when and where a Championship match will take place.

My monster is a former K1 Fighter, which means he needs time to prepare, strategise and employ a strict training regime leading up to every single one of his matches. Therefore it was not only negligent of Peter Lane to issue a challenge, but negligent of IPW Management to publish the video as fact. The match has not been signed, however IPW are using my client’s likeness to promote the event like it has been.

Reuben de Jong will not be competing at Breakdown on June 19 and I strongly insist that this event is postponed in its entirety, pending approval from my legal team. He will be happy to destroy Vinny Dunn on July 17 at the Manurewa Recreation Centre. That is the time and place we have decided that my client will successfully defend his Championship.

The card may be ‘subject to change’, but the fact that IPW have taken it upon themselves to use my client’s drawing power to advertise this event before Mr. de Jong has even signed for a match is reckless and endangers my client’s relationship with Impact Pro Wrestling. If the appropriate action is not taken to rectify this situation, we will take legal action and tie the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship up in the judicial system.”

IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken is expected to address the situation in the coming days.

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