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New Year's Bash : Dunn still on top!
Jan 25, 2010 at 12:00 AM

In the Title vs. Title main event at New Years Bash the huge clash between the IPW Australia’s South Pacific Champion “The Future” Nick Burns and IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion “The One” Vinny Dunn came to a precipitous end when the ref was forced to call the match a No Contest after rampant interference from Gary O. Davis, meaning both men retained their Championships!

Nick Burns took a time out in the early portion of the match after suffering an onslaught at the hands of Vinny Dunn.  Two shoulder barges and a flying fist kept the momentum going for the NZ Champ and a quick pin earned him a two.

Dunn headed up top but missed with the Flying Elbow and it was the Australian who took control of the match, brutalising the arm of the One, and hitting a shoulder breaker for two.

Burns continued the punishment of Dunn, but Vinny nimbly evaded a charge to the corner and countered into a roll up, but was unable to capitalise and the ball continued in Nick Burns court.

The Future came back at Vinny Dunn with stomps and punches, keeping control of the match, continuing to do damage to the arm of the NZ Champ.  Burns threw Vinny over the ropes, but as his back was turned Vinny skinned the cat back into the ring and drop kicked Burns out of the ring.

Vinny then hit a plancha over the top rope, and got some audience assistance in chopping the mat off the South Pacific Champion’s chest.  Taking it back to the ring Dunn hit a missile dropkick from the top for two.

Burns countered a move from Dunn and locked in a Crossface, and the NZ Champ writhed in pain.  He broke his way out of the hold, but Burns turned it into a pin for two.  He then followed up with a Facebuster on Dunn for another two count.

The frustrated Australian then choked out Dunn, but broke the hold before the ref could DQ him.  The Future then launched Dunn to the canvas with a Fireman’s Carry Facebuster, which earned him another two count thanks to an arrogant pin.

He came back and hit another Facebuster for two more, and then frustrated, went outside and grabbed his belt.  The ref wrenched it off him and the interruption was enough for Vinny to gain his feet and hit a massive Powerbomb, but Gary O. Davis interrupted the count.

Dunn then hit Straight from the Coast, and once again Gary O. Davis stopped the count.  Burns fought his way back, and locked in the Crossface on Dunn once again, but this time the One was able to drag his way to the ropes and break the hold.

It wasn’t for long though, and the Future locked in the Crossface once again, but the ropes were within reach of the NZ Champ.  Nick Burns hit back at Dunn with wild punches, but he then fell victim to another brutal Powerbomb at the hands of the One.

Gary O. Davis interfered once again, and a frustrated ref called for the match to restart.  Before this could happen Mischa Ivanoff and Davis launched an attack on Dunn.  Peter Lane managed to stop the attack, but by that point the ref was forced to call the match a No Contest, and both men retained their championships at New Years Bash!

Full results for IPW New Years Bash 2010:

  • Jordan Invincible w/ Megan-Kate Deluxeo def. Mischa Ivanoff w/ Gary O. Davis
    Jordan Invincible hit a huge moonsault, but Gary O. Davis interfered in the count.  While the pair argued with the ref, Megan-Kate hit Mischa from behind with a low-blow and Jordan Invincible took him down with a punch to the head to take the victory.
  • Saint Chaos def. Link van Haggard & Kazuki
    Van Haggard and Kazuki’s high flying assault was put to a halt when a sneaky double-team by Saint Chaos took Kazuki down and Curt Chaos got the pin and the victory.
  • “The Ex-Patriot” Alfred Valentine w/ Flagboy & The Antagonist vs. “The Deal” Dal Knox
    Valentine fired his Flagboy and Antagonist cannon fodder at the Deal before the bell had rung, and then clocked Dal with a spanner, and the ref ruled that there would not be a match.
  • Top Tag Team Prize Money
    The New Vogue starring “Handsome” Danny Jacobs & A-Class featuring Paul Starr & Britenay def. Pirates and Ninjas Are Totally Awesome

    A-Class finally turned on Danny Jacobs, refusing to do his dirty work any longer.  HDJ tagged in Britenay, who took down Pirate Burns with a Fireman’s Carry Jawbreaker and HDJ went in for the pin and the win.
    Post-match: A-Class unleashed on Jacobs and the pair brawled.
  • “The Strong-Style Supervillain” Liger def. “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T
    Liger took off his cape and threw it at Lil T, Lil T threw it back in his face and instigated a beatdown, but the ref called for the bell and Lil T was disqualified.
  • Alita Capri def. The New Vogue starring Britenay featuring Paul Starr & “Handsome” Danny Jacobs
    The New Vogue distraction on the apron collapsed in a heap and Alita Capri was able to hit the Encore to get the victory.
  • Waipukurau Warrior w/ Miles def. Les West w/ Alita Capri
    Miles’ poem was interrupted by Les West, who was attacked from behind by the Warrior.  Despite an attempted comeback by West, the Warrior kept the advantage in the match and gained the victory.
  • Motorcycle Match
    NZ Dream def. Jon E. King

    The ref turned his back after King attempted to bring the ringbell into the match, and King pulled out some knucks and clocked the Dream with them.  He was unable to get the pin, however, and after his second attempt with the knucks was caught by the ref, the Dream hit a backbreaker and took the victory and his motorcycle.
  • Title vs. Title match
    IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion “The One” Vinny Dunn vs. IPW Australia’s South Pacific Champion “The Future” Nick Burns

    This match was called a No Contest after rampant interference and both men retained.
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