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Coastal Assault: "The One" Retains!
Feb 23, 2010 at 12:00 AM

In front of his hometown crowd, “The One” Vinny Dunn hit the Muscle Buster on “The Professional” Joseph Kinkade and kept him down for the three count to retain his IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at Coastal Assault!

The match kicked off with a test of strength, where Joseph Kinkade used his amateur wrestling skills to take down Dunn, but the One powered out, forcing Kinkade outside to seek counsel from his manager, Gary O. Davis.

Davis reentered the ring and it was a grapple for advantage, where Dunn powered out and planted Kinkade on the floor.  The challenger came back, cinching in a headlock, but Dunn escaped and hit a shoulder barge, sending Kinkade spilling outside.

The champion missed with a plancha over the top to the outside, and the pair then brawled on the outside, Vinny Dunn chopping the meat off Kinkade’s chest with the aid of the audience.

Taking it back to the ring, Dunn put Kinkade down with a brutal clothesline and pinned for two.  A suplex earned another two count for the champion before he locked in a submission on the Professional.

Kinkade turned in the submission and got a pin on the champion, who halted the count, succeeding in keeping the submission locked.  Kinkade countered again, and this time rabidly sought the ankle lock, doing damage to the knee of Dunn.

The pair criss-crossed in the ring and Vinny leapfrogged Kinkade, but his knee buckled underneath him, and the challenger, sensing a weakness and focused his attack on the knee of Dunn.

Kinkade threw Dunn out of the ring and made the mistake of turning his back and the champ skinned the cat back into the ring, and returned the favour throwing Kinkade outside and followed him out with a plancha.

Rolling the challenger back into the ring and hit a missile dropkick for two, but Kinkade reversed an Irish Whip and hit a suplex on Vinny for two.  Mischa Ivanoff distracted the ref and Kinkade used the time to strangle the champ with his tight straps.

Kinkade hit a flying knee from the top for two and pinned twice more for measure, forcing the champ to expend precious energy on kicking out.  Dunn reversed an armbar into a backslide, then hit shoulder rams that put both men down on the mat.

When they regained their feet the pair traded blows until Dunn managed to get Kinkade onto the ropes to hit the Muscle Buster.  Gary O. Davis engineered a distraction and Mischa Ivanoff clocked Dunn with a chair and pulled Kinkade over Dunn for the cover.

The champ kicked out on two and then caught Kinkade on the ropes and hit a slam.  Dunn went to the top but missed the dropkick and Kinkade locked in the Stretch Muffler, doing further damage to the already injured knee of the champ.

Kinkade broke the hold and hit a fireman’s carry slam on the champ for two.  Peter Lane then took Ivanoff out of action on the outside and while Gary O. Davis registered his disapproval with the ref Vinny hit a Spinebuster followed by his second Muscle Buster, and Kinkade stayed down for three, leaving “The One” Vinny Dunn to leave Coastal Assault still the New Zealand Heavyweight Champion!

Full results for Coastal Assault 2010:

    * Xtreme Superstars Dils & Davey Deluxeo w/ Megan-Kate Deluxeo def. Kazuki & Link van Haggard
      XS hit a huge double-team on Kazuki, but van Haggard stopped the count with a Swanton Bomb.  Van Haggard then attacked Davey on the outside, returning a kick to the head, while Kazuki got caught by the power of Dils in the ring and Dils kept him down for three to get the victory.

    * Evie def. JPE
      JPE hit the Face of Evil for two, and then Evie frustrated the attack of the Wicked Bitch of the West, hitting a dropkick and then an aeroplane spin.  JPE got in a thumb to the eye, but Evie turned it around on her and got a quick roll up to take the win.

    * Jordan Invincible & NZ Dream w/ Megan-Kate Deluxeo def. Saint Chaos
      Curt Chaos distracted Invincible from hitting the T-Boon Drop on Brian Saint James, Megan-Kate low-blowed Chaos and hung Saint James up on the top rope and the NZ Dream and Invincible finished Saint Chaos off simultaneously for the victory.

    * No DQ
      “The Strong-Style Supervillain” Liger def. “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” Lil T
      Liger put the momentum of Lil T to a quick end when he pulled out a very large stick and proceeded to tenderize the mid-section of Lil T until he was unable to fight back and pinned for the win.

    * “The Ex-Patriot” Alfred Valentine was taken out by Justin Lane’s monster.

    * Top Tag Team Prize Money & A-Class’s Contract match
      Pirates and Ninjas are Totally Awesome & A-Class def. The New Vogue starring “Handsome” Danny Jacobs, Paul Starr and Britenay
      Britenay was taken out inadvertently by “Handsome” Danny Jacobs, and Paul Starr was quickly put out of commission by a Pirate and Ninja double-team.  A-Class finally got his hands on HDJ, who had successfully evaded him up to that point and a huge roundhouse put the New Vogue down for three and A-Class claimed back his contract and PANATA finally got their hands on their prize money.

    * Jon E. King def. Waipukurau Warrior
      King used his knucks that he had hidden earlier in the ring post pad and clocked the Warrior before hitting the Silencer Superkick to claim the win.

    * Mischa Ivanoff w/ Gary O. Davis def. Les West
      Les West went for a suplex over the ropes when Gary O. Davis pulled and held onto the leg of West, meaning Ivanoff fell on top of his opponent to get the victory.

    * IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
      “The One” Vinny Dunn def. “The Professional” Joseph Kinkade w/ Gary O. Davis & Mischa Ivanoff
      A Muscle Buster put Kinkade down for three for Dunn to retain his Championship on the Coast.

Credit: Dayna Wall nzpwi.co.nz

Photos Courtesy of Auckland Sports Photography

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