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IPW Destiny 2012

Date: Saturday, August 18, 2012 at 7pm (Doors: 6.30pm)
Venue: Lynfield Rec Centre, 16-18 Griffen Park Rd., Mt. Roskill, Auckland [map]
Tickets (Door Sales): Adults $15, Children (5-14yo) $8, Under 5s Free
IPW NZ Women's Championship Tournament Final
with Megan-Kate
with "Handsome" Danny Jacobs

IPW NZ Heavyweight Champion
& Reuben de Jong
Team Charisma

IPW Tag Team Championship
'828' Street Fight
IPW Tag Team Champions

NEO Justice Double

Taranaki Tether
"Handsome" Danny Jacobs
with Britenay

Special Attraction
New Zealand vs. Australia

"The Peak of Perfection"
Travis Banks
PWA Tag Team Champion
Brian Seeker

Six Person Tag Team Match
Olivia Shaw, James Shaw & Liger
Megan-Kate, Liam Fury & Pirate Burns


The two contenders who will compete in the IPW New Zealand Women’s Championship Final at Destiny have been found!

These two women have clashed in many past encounters, but the stakes have never been higher, the chance to make history never more achievable than it will be at Destiny. Everything they know, or think they know about each other must be put to the side, because on August 18 it’s a match that can be considered a first for both Evie and Britenay. An encounter that will stand alone in history as the night a champion is crowned. After months of matches, confrontations and controversial outcomes it will be the electric and effervescent Evie taking on the vicious vixen Britenay to decide who will make history and become the first ever IPW New Zealand Women’s Champion.

The path that has led the Waikato born Britenay to the final has been one paved in controversy. Her first victory at Collision Course was hailed as dubious thanks to the incessant involvement of her boyfriend “Handsome” Danny Jacobs, and a final pin fall which saw the foot of Megan-Kate on the bottom rope missed by the in-ring official. The match was then ordered to take place once again at Taranaki Turmoil by IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken after he approved an official request from Megan-Kate and her fans to allow her to be re entered into the Championship Tournament.

But it would prove once again to be an unlucky night for Megan-Kate with Britenay pulling off another shady victory to qualify for Destiny, Jacobs making his presence felt once again when he helped his “brutal butterfly" get the pin fall and with it a chance to make history on August 18.

For the Auckland born Evie, it’s been a road of highs and lows. The low of knowing her BFF partner Megan-Kate has missed out on the chance to make history, but the high of knowing that she has that very same chance in front of her on August 18 thanks to her qualification victory over newcomer Olivia Shaw. It was a battle in Pakuranga at Unleashed that Evie had to prepare for without the knowledge of what her debuting opponent that night would bring. But it was a battle Evie overcame with her incredible ability to adapt to any style and a drive to succeed that rivals that of any Olympic Athlete.

On August 18, both paths that these women have traveled will intersect and only one can exit with Championship gold. Only one can make history. Only one can fulfill their Destiny.

Britenay and Evie clash to crown the first ever IPW New Zealand Women’s Champion, August 18 at the Lynfield Recreation Centre in Auckland!

A huge headline tag team match goes down on August 18!

At Destiny, Reuben de Jong will be out for revenge when he teams with IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Kingi to take on Vinny Dunn and Tykade!

After turning his back on the fans and more specifically on former friend Reuben de Jong, Vinny Dunn has made it his mission along with fellow Team Charisma member Tykade to embarrass the former K1 colossus, most recently posing as a distraction to give Brian Saint James a victory over de Jong at Unleashed.

History runs deep between the “captain” of Team Charisma and his two opponents, one being his former international tag team partner as part of The Iwi and the other being a man Dunn has had many a battle with over the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship in the past. With such a deep insight on his opponents, Dunn and his partner Tykade may very well have the edge they need to topple the champ and the man-monster at Destiny. But victory is likely to be a difficult task for Team Charisma, together Kingi & Reuben de Jong form a dream team for IPW fans and a team immersed in popularity, power and punishment that could prove to be an unstoppable combination.

It could fall to IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Kingi to channel the fury of de Jong in order to walk out with the victory on August 18, but will it be the wily tactics of Team Charisma that exploit this fury to their advantage and ultimately walk out with the charismatic victory?

Or can the team of Kingi & Reuben de Jong sink the Team Charisma Super Yacht before it even has a chance to set sail?

Elias will finally get his hands on “Handsome” Danny Jacobs in August, but it will be in a match the controversial HDJ invented, a match where both men will be tethered to each other and the only way to gain victory is to incapacitate your opponent long enough so he is unable to answer a ten count!

Elias battles “Handsome” Danny Jacobs August 18 at Destiny in a Taranaki Tether match!

Many months have gone by since HDJ turned his back on his former Fire Mountain partner, and along the way Jacobs has refused to accept the one on one challenge of Elias but has still proceeded to rile and goad his former partner along the way. However, at Unleashed a turn of events occurred that would bring these two men together at Destiny. Having stood across the ring while Elias decimated Justin Decent in tag team action, HDJ decided he had once again seen enough and attempted to leave but was goaded back into the ring by Elias when he questioned the bravery of the former Armageddon Cup Champion, demanding he stop running from the challenge.

After a series of insults were traded between both men, Jacobs was given the ultimatum of either accepting the challenge and walking out of the building under his own power, or leaving in an ambulance. Jacobs, fearing his spot in the main event of Taranaki Turmoil would be put in jeopardy, finally accepted the challenge of Elias, but in an effort to upstage Elias and to prove his lack of fear, went one step further by declaring it will be a Taranaki Tether match.

Will the act of arrogance and gumption by “Handsome” Danny Jacobs come back to haunt the Taranaki native? With both men tethered to each other arm by arm, there will be nowhere to run for Jacobs, and nowhere to hide from the redemption Elias seeks.

Will Elias finally put the handsome demons of the past away? Or is the bigger question that of what intention Elias has for his bitter rival at Destiny?

Will Elias look solely for victory, or focus more on the punishment of a former friend he will finally get his hands on?

"Handsome" Danny Jacobs and Elias collide in a Taranaki Tether match August at Destiny!

August 18 at Destiny it will all come to a head for NEO Justice Double and TnT when they clash one more time for the IPW Tag Team Championship!

For months these two tag teams have been locked in a heated feud ever since TnT blindsided the champs at Collision Course back in May. That attack proved the catalyst for a championship match at Unleashed, a bout which saw NEO picking up the victory but the grudge between these two teams would continue down the country at Taranaki Turmoil. Link & Kazuki would once again successfully defend their championships; this time however TnT would not be involved in the final outcome as they removed themselves from ringside after suffering some James Shaw Mist.That gave NEO Justice Double the opening they needed to hit their vicious Ultra Spiral on Project Mayhem to remain IPW Tag Team Champions.

Since that night TnT have been quick to point out to IPW Commissioner Dion McCracken that they were never pinned by NEO Justice Double at Taranaki Turmoil, and have shown an arrogant swag by challenging NEO Justice Double to meet them in a massive '828' Street Fight!

Commissioner McCracken revealed to impactprowrestling.co.nz today that the fighting IPW Tag Team Champions have accepted the challenge without hesitation and are focused on their goal of proving once and for all that they truly are the best tag team in New Zealand!
The battle lines have been drawn for August 18!

Will the unbridled fighting spirit of the champions be enough once again for NEO Justice Double to send TnT away empty handed for a third time?

Or will the '828' Street Fight be the ultimate home field advantage for TnT, ensuring they leave the street abound in a IPW Tag Team Championship swag?

NEO Justice Double put their gold on the line against TnT in a '828' Street Fight, August 18 at Destiny!

It’s a Trans-Tasman battle August 18 at Destiny in a New Zealand vs. Australia Special Attraction Match!

PWA Tag Team Champion Brian Seeker is set to make his Impact Pro Wrestling Debut this month but it will be far from an easy night for the Australian as he is scheduled to take on one of IPW’s best in singles action. Crossing the ditch and competing in a brand new country is a difficult task, and it’s now one made even tougher for Seeker with the news he will be taking on “The Peak of Perfection” Travis Banks!

Travis Banks will await the PWA Tag Team Champion at Destiny with the pride of a nation behind him, and a hunger that is sure to drive him towards his goal of victory in this Trans-Tasman match up. With both men knowing very little about each other, it will be a case of both preparing an all round game so the threat of being caught out by the unknown is limited come August 18. Both men are also sure to be scouting one another online, scouring and hunting archive footage for any areas they feel they can exploit and attack each other.

What will happen when these two collide at Destiny?

Find out August 18 in this huge New Zealand vs. Australia Special Attraction Match!

After failing to qualify for the IPW NZ Women’s Championship Final, both Megan-Kate and Olivia Shaw will be in action on this historic night when they take their place in an electric Six Person Tag Team match!

Joining forces with her brother James Shaw for the first time at an IPW Live Event, Olivia Shaw will have another chance to impress early in her career with the eyes of the nation on her. Teaming up with the Project Mayhem duo will be the “Samoan Super Villian” Liger, a vicious Mangere Mauler looking to once again tear his opponents apart with his hard hitting arsenal. On the opposing side, Megan-Kate will be looking to put the disappointments of the past behind her when she teams up with Liam Fury and his former IPW Tag Team Championship partner Pirate Burns!

Making this Saturday night at Destiny an even more special event for fans, media and historians, Pirates And Ninja’s Are Totally Awesome are back together for one night only!

Will it be the fatal family combination of The Shaw’s and Liger that come out on top August 18?

Or will it be Megan-Kate and the first ever IPW Tag Team Champions celebrating at Destiny?

It’s an epic Six Person Tag Team match this Saturday night at Destiny!

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