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"Handsome" Danny Jacobs

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 80kg
From: Paritutu Rock, Taranaki
Signature Moves: Sparkle & Fade (double underhook fameasser) Disease of The Dancing Cats (neck whip combo)
Finishing Move: Greedy Fly
Accomplishments: Armageddon Cup Champion 2012

One wouldn’t normally associate the local of Paritutu Rock in the Taranaki with glamour. Scrub fires or dioxin poisoning perhaps, yet it is glamour that Paritutu’s own “Handsome” Danny Jacobs brings to IPW events. Albeit a bizarre, twisted version of glamour from the man who purports to be “As handsome as a Winter’s Fire”.

His methods have included corruption – earning him a permanent ban from refereeing , collusion – forming The New Vogue stable, regularly interfering in each member’s matches – and revulsion – with a pair of wrestling trunks that sport a suspiciously loose waistline.

After forming what seemed a strong Fire Mountain partnership with Elias, Jacobs turned on his partner at the end of 2011 and since then has been wrapped in a heated rivalry with Elias that promises to explode in 2012!

Whatever unfolds, there’s no doubt that Handsome Danny Jacobs with Britenay always by his side remains one of the most unique personalities in IPW.

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