Date: August 1, 2015
Location: John Locke Theater, Alfriston College, 550 Porchester Road, Manurewa [map]
Time: 7pm (doors open at 6.30pm)
Ticket prices: $20 (Adults), $10(Children)
Buy tickets: Online or at the door

JKIIPW is the leader in Live Event action, and on August 1 Impact Pro Wrestling brings their high octane, live action to Alfriston College’s John Locke Theater in Manurewa for the very first time.

By virtue of his victory at The Ultimate Prize, Johnny Idol is set to challenge for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at Ignited. Towering in his way is the out of control Jakob Cross, a monster who seems more preoccupied with destruction than he does in holding the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship.

Can Idol do what Fury & Shaw have failed to do and stop the warpath of Cross?

Or will Daniel Burnell’s monster continue his destruction of all?

Both Travis Banks & Aaron Henry have made no secret of their drive to be the very best in the business. Pulled no punches when it comes to making it clear they want to be New Zealand Heavyweight Champion.

That collective drive has set both men on a collision course with each other, August 1 at Ignited!

The Curt Chaos and Dal Knox rivalry has now engulfed two more men who are looking to settle old scores, August 1 at Ignited!

Dion McCracken returned to Impact Pro Wrestling at The Ultimate Prize to not only align himself once again with *Dal Knox, but to call out IPW Director Daniel Burnell for a one-on-one match at Ignited. Burnell refused the request, and instead announced it will be Knox & McCracken battling the combination of Chaos & Burnell.

Will the partnership of Knox & McCracken exact revenge on the brash bravado of Chaos & Burnell?

Or will a return to the ring by IPW Director Daniel Burnell to stand by the side of Chaos, backfire on Dion McCracken and his ally Dal Knox?

Catch all the competitors of Impact Pro Wrestling in action on this very special night as IPW presents Ignited!

*Dal Knox is the current holder of the Eliminator Contract. The Eliminator Contract grants the holder a shot at the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship during any IPW Live Event they desire.


New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
(c) Jakob Cross with Daniel Burnell vs. Johnny Idol

Travis Banks vs. Aaron Henry

*Dal Knox & Dion McCracken vs. Curt Chaos & IPW Director Daniel Burnell

Evie vs. Carmen Rose

Eight Person Tag Team Match
Megan Kate, Liger, Mr Burns & Mauler Clementson
Britenay, Vinny Dunn, Kingi & Brook Duncan

More to be announced!