Date: December 19, 2015
Location: YMCA Lynfield Recreation & Youth Centre, 16-18 Griffen Park Road, Mt Roskill [map]
Time: 7pm (doors open at 6.30pm)
Ticket prices: $20 (Adults), $10 (Children)
Buy tickets: Buy online or at the door

jvdImpact Pro Wrestling presents the biggest event of the year with Nightmare B4 Xmas on December 19!

*Fans Bring the Weapons is a match that has created some of the most historic moments in New Zealand wrestling, and on December 19 the fans have a unique opportunity to either help or hinder the competitors of Impact Pro Wrestling!

Just four men remain in the first ever Nightmare Championship Series with Dal Knox battling James Shaw, and Liger squaring off against Johnny Idol in Semi Final action. The winners will then advance to Fans Bring the Weapons and a brand new, New Zealand Heavyweight Champion will be crowned!

Nightmare B4 Xmas 2015 will host the first ever Secret Santa Match for the New Zealand Women’s Championship!

New Zealand Women’s Champion Carmen Rose, Britenay and Megan Kate will be surrounded by Christmas presents on December 19, but they will have no idea if the gifts inside will be weapons, or something simply relative to the festive season at hand!

Rose will be well aware that with the lethal lottery environment of this contest, her reign as New Zealand Women’s Champion could be painfully short if she’s not able to find the destructive implements hidden around ringside. For Britenay and Megan Kate, the aid of a steel chair or baseball bat could prove the difference between success and failure as they both look to claim back the hotly contested New Zealand Women’s Championship!

After their actions at Damage Control, or lack thereof, Kingi & Vinny Dunn must put their New Zealand Tag Team Championship on the line at Nightmare B4 Xmas!

Originally slated to defend their Championship against Brodie Coast & Mason Daniels on November 14, a statement read by IPW Director Daniel Burnell claimed that Kingi & Dunn felt Coast & Daniels didn’t deserve to be in the same ring as the Champions, let alone get a shot at their gold. However after earning a hard fought victory over Richards & Khan that same night, Coast & Daniels now get their shot at the New Zealand Tag Team Championship on December 19!

Faced with the threat of being stripped of their gold by IPW Director Daniel Burnell, Kingi & Dunn must compete on December 19 at the Lynfield Recreation Centre or be stripped of their Championship!

It will be anything but a silent night at Nightmare B4 Xmas!

*Fans are encouraged to participate in the Fans Bring the Weapons match by bringing their own instruments of destruction to the event. Fans are advised that they bring items to the show at their own risk and that fans bringing anything deemed to be excessively dangerous or likely to be deemed illegal under New Zealand law will not be permitted to enter with those items. IPW will not bear responsibility for the safe carriage of any offending items.


Nightmare Championship Series
Dal Knox vs. James Shaw
Liger vs. Johnny Idol with Dion McCracken

New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
Fans Bring the Weapons
??? vs. ???

New Zealand Women’s Championship
Secret Santa Match
(c) Carmen Rose vs. Britenay vs. Megan Kate

New Zealand Tag Team Championship
(c) Vinny Dunn & Kingi vs. Brodie Coast & Mason Daniels

Brodie Coast vs. No Face