Date: December 17, 2016
Location: Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, 751 New North Road, Mt Albert [map]
Time: 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm)
Eventfinda Ticket prices: $15 (Adults), $8(Children Under 14)
On The Night Door Ticket Prices: $20 (Adults) $10 (Children Under 14)
Buy tickets: Buy online or at the door

Impact Pro Wrestling presents the biggest event of the year with Nightmare Before Xmas on December 17!

*Fans Bring the Weapons is a match that has created some of the most historic moments in New Zealand wrestling, and on December 17 the fans have a unique opportunity to either help or hinder the competitors of Impact Pro Wrestling!

Courtesy of a dead heat finish at Time Crisis, both James Shaw and Brook Duncan will challenge for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship. For the Champion, Curt Chaos, this means the biggest event of 2016 has just become his own worst nightmare.

By hook, by crook or by brass knucks, Curt Chaos has found a way to remain the man in New Zealand professional wrestling throughout 2016. But on December 17 at Nightmare Before Xmas, the walls surrounding the Chaos empire could come crashing down at the hands of two men with revenge and the desire of gold directing their every move.

Which man will you hinder?

Which man will you help?

Which man will leave as New Zealand Heavyweight Champion?

It will be anything but a silent night when James Shaw, Brook Duncan and Curt Chaos collide in Fans Bring The Weapons at Nightmare Before Xmas!

bfbNightmare Before Xmas is the culmination of bitter rivalries, the nexus point of scores to be settled. This year one giant match up will personify what NBX is all about. Reuben de Jong will battle the Dapper Agents in a huge handicap match!

Any man of sane mind would never sign on to battle both Dapper Agents, but when you’re talking Reuben de Jong, you’re talking no normal man. This giant is 6 ft 9. This giant is 140kg. And this giant is out to avenge a heinous attack at the hands of Kingi and Vinny Dunn.

The Dapper Agents as a collective have done it all here in Impact Pro Wrestling, with numerous Championship reigns cementing their legacy. There is one Everest they have yet to conquer. One Great Wall they haven’t climbed. Can the duo take down the biggest monster to ever step foot in a ring in this country?

Nobody was more shocked at the resignation of John Key as New Zealand Prime Minister than Mr Burns, the parochial patriarch of The Young Nats. Unfortunately, those shocks have not ceased with the news that he must face Liam Fury at Nightmare Before Xmas with the remainder of The Young Nats banned from ringside!

For Liam Fury, December 17 has now turned into a date he can elect to launch a full scale furious vengeance on Mr Burns.

A furious election is on the cards for the leader of The Young Nats, will he suffer the same fate of John Key and be resigned to ridicule and raillery by his detractors?

These two men have been engulfed in a bitter rivalry for all of 2016…who will end the year as the better man?

nzwcNightmare Before Xmas 2016 will be the site of the first ever New Zealand Women’s Championship Gauntlet Match!

Two women will start the match and when one competitor is beaten either by pin fall, submission or disqualification they are eliminated and the next competitor will enter the fray. The last woman left standing when all other competitors have been beaten will be the New Zealand Women’s Champion.

New Zealand Women’s Champion Britenay without a doubt has her back against the wall in this December classic, but if history has told us anything, it’s that Britenay finds an extra gear when she most needs it.

More huge matches to be announced soon!

*Fans are encouraged to participate in the Fans Bring the Weapons match by bringing their own instruments of destruction to the event. Fans are advised that they bring items to the show at their own risk and that fans bringing anything deemed to be excessively dangerous or likely to be deemed illegal under New Zealand law will not be permitted to enter with those items. IPW will not bear responsibility for the safe carriage of any offending items.




Fans Bring The Weapons
New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
(C) Curt Chaos vs. James Shaw vs. Brook Duncan

Two On One Match
Dapper Agents vs. Reuben de Jong

The Young Nats Banned From Ringside
Mr Burns vs. Liam Fury

New Zealand Women’s Championship Gauntlet
(c) Britenay
Ashlee Spencer
Candy Lee
And more!

New Zealand Tag Team Championship
(c) F.I.S.T vs. Privilaged

Michael Richards & JB Bennett vs Dal Knox & ???

More to be announced!