Date: August 30, 2014
Location: YMCA Lynfield Recreation & Youth Centre, 16-18 Griffen Park Road, Mt Roskill [map]
Time: 7pm (doors open at 6.30pm)
Ticket prices: $20 (Adults), $10 (Children)
Buy tickets: Buy online or at the door

fury_rivalJoin Impact Pro Wrestling for the huge double ring spectacular that is Rival Turf!

On August 30, two rings will be constructed, two teams will collide and only one will come out on top in the Rival Turf Capture the Flag Match!

This infamous match has settled scores, scarred competitors and created bitter rivals. Each man will be bent on capturing one of the flags that will stand in each ferociously guarded team corner. It is the team that overwhelms their opponents to bring both flags to their ring and corner that will claim victory, but it won’t be without a price.

Bodies will be one the line and hearts on sleeves when The Investment and the Origin clash for supremacy in IPW. There will be no disqualifications or count outs and participants can be eliminated via pinfall or submission. Team work will be the key to victory in this giant match where all members will need to work together to capture the flag!

Will the bricks and mortar of The Origin prove impenetrable at Rival Turf?

Or will The Investment wreck the foundation beyond repair?

Controversy ruled at Trial by Combat when Fury cashed in his 2014 Eliminator Contract on a broken and beaten Travis Banks to become the new IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion. Now, two of the greatest in-ring competitors in New Zealand history will clash with an unwavering desire to be the best in the business at Rival Turf on August 30th.

“The plan came together.” These simple yet telling words from the new champion indicating his incorporation into The Investment was not a sudden decision. What demons of the deep drove Fury to collaborate with the power-hungry Investment? And will his new attitude justify his place at the top of the food table amongst the predators?

Nobody will be safe, nothing will be sacred at Rival Turf, August 30th when New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Fury puts his title on the line against Travis Banks!

Just who is the rightful New Zealand Women’s Champion?

At the contract signing on the IPW Informer, Britenay & Evie committed to ending this dispute in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Rival Turf. Even this simple meeting disintegrated quickly into violence, so nothing will be held back when these violent femmes clash for the title.

August 30th, at Rival Turf, two of the greatest competitors in history will strive to prove their dominance in the women’s division. Speculation will be laid to rest, the question finally answered as to just who is the undisputed New Zealand Women’s Champion.

Who will be the victor, and who will be the vanquished?

Rival Turf takes place August 30 from the Lynfield Recreation Centre in Auckland!


Double Ring Spectacular
Capture The Flag Match
The Investment
Fury, Vinny Dunn, Curt Chaos, Pat Schisk & Agents of Change
Alfred Valentine, Alexander, “Pirate” Jason Burns, James Shaw & TnT

New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
(c) Fury vs. Travis Banks

Undisputed New Zealand Women’s Championship
Falls Count Anywhere
Evie vs. Britenay

Johnny Idol vs. Liger