Date: August 29, 2015
Location: Alan Brewster Recreation Centre, Tavern Lane, Papatoetoe in Auckland [map]
Time: 7pm (doors open at 6.30pm)
Ticket prices: $20 (Adults), $10(Children)
Buy tickets: Online or at the door

DCJoin Impact Pro Wrestling for the huge double ring spectacular that is Rival Turf!

On August 29, two rings will be constructed, two teams will collide and only one will come out on top in the Rival Turf Capture the Flag Match!

This infamous match has settled scores, scarred competitors and created bitter rivals. Each man will be bent on capturing one of the flags that will stand in each ferociously guarded team corner. It is the team that overwhelms their opponents to bring both flags to their ring and corner that will claim victory, but it won’t be without a price.
Bodies will be one the line and hearts on sleeves, and team work will be the key to victory in this giant match where all members will need to work together to capture the flag!

Two Teams. Two Rings. One Night Only.

After being destroyed at the hands of the vicious Cross back in June, Fury has returned to Impact Pro Wrestling this month to wage war on the New Zealand Heavyweight Champion!

Jakob Cross has been decimating his opponents, and rubbing salt in the wounds by chaining his victims around the neck so he could punish them even more. Bearing witness to the carnage, Fury has vowed to halt the monster and reclaim the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship in a match never before seen in Impact Pro Wrestling.

Both men will be chained around the neck on August 29 with the rule book being tossed aside. The only way to win this Dog Collar Match is via pinfall or by destroying your opponent to the point where they can no longer continue.

Fury battles Jakob Cross in a Dog Collar Match for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship at Rival Turf 2015!

The New Zealand Women’s Championship will be on the line at Rival Turf 2015!

Since claiming the New Zealand Women’s Championship, Megan Kate has continued to rub it in the face of former holder Britenay, which has led to a Championship confrontation with a unique set of rules. The bat that Kate has never been shy in implementing into her matches will be hung high above the ring; the first competitor to grasp the bat and strike their opponent with it will be the victor, and New Zealand Women’s Champion!

Britenay challenges Megan Kate in a huge Bat on a Pole Match, August 29 at Rival Turf!

One of the fastest rising stars in New Japan Pro Wrestling makes his Impact Pro Wrestling Debut, August 29 at Rival Turf!

Jay White is a born and bred Kiwi competitor and is looking to make a huge impact upon his return to Auckland, New Zealand in an explosive Triple Threat match!

Fresh from his victory at Ignited, Aaron Henry NZ lines up against a vengeful Travis Banks and New Japan Pro Wrestling Star Jay White!

It’s Henry, Banks and White colliding August 29 at Rival Turf!

Four teams compete for the New Zealand Tag Team Championship, August 29 at Rival Turf 2015!

The Pride will be cornered from all sides when Brodie & Mason, Kingi & Dunn and Mr Burns & Mauler attempt to pry the gold from their grasp!

Rival Turf takes place August 29 at the Alan Brewster Recreation Centre in Papatoetoe, Auckland!

*Dal Knox is the current holder of the Eliminator Contract. The Eliminator Contract grants the holder a shot at the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship during any IPW Live Event they desire.



Double Ring Capture the Flag Match
Team Knox
*Dal Knox, James Shaw, Alfred Valentine, Johnny Idol & Brook Duncan
Team Chaos
Curt Chaos, Travis Banks, Shane Sinclair, Charlie Roberts & Taylor Adams

Dog Collar Match
New Zealand Heavyweight Championship
(c) Jakob Cross with Daniel Burnell vs. Liam Fury with Evie

Bat on a Pole Match
New Zealand Women’s Championship
(c) Megan Kate vs. Britenay

Triple Threat Match
Aaron Henry vs. Travis Banks vs. Jay White (New Japan Pro Wrestling)

New Zealand Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way
(c) The Pride vs. Kingi & Dunn vs. Brodie & Mason vs. Mr Burns & Mauler

Carmen Rose vs. Evie with Fury

Alfred Valentine vs. Michael Richards with Benjamin Keen

Plus The Bullet Club’s Bad Luck Fale! (New Japan pro Wrestling)