Caged Fury: What Can We Expect?

What can we expect at Caged Fury this Saturday night in Auckland?

Expect history to be made when Liam Fury and Mr Burns step inside a Steel Cage for the first time in New Zealand Professional Wrestling history. A bitter rivalry has escalated to the point where the most calamitous of structures is being employed to bring it to a final end. Mr Burns and Fury will both know in their hearts that by the end of Caged Fury, one of them will be victorious but they will both suffer the wrath of a Steel Cage that has no remorse and no regrets.

Expect retribution to be at the heart of the matter for Brook Duncan and Dave O’Connor as they clash with New Zealand Heavyweight Champion James Shaw and Jukebox Hero Elias. Don’t be fooled by the tag team nature of this contest, it’s all about that New Zealand Heavyweight Championship and the strange bedfellows it can create. The Ultimate Prize was in the hands of Duncan, but ripped away by the callous grip of James Shaw, proving that when it comes to achieving your goals, there are no friends and no tag team partners. Continue Reading

Privileged Luck, Focused F.I.S.T!

When it comes to competing in tag team contests, luck can be an unlikely ally. Charlie Roberts & Curtis Castlewood would have considered themselves lucky when “Handsome” Danny Jacobs traded his guaranteed New Zealand Tag Team Championship shot to them for a spot in the 2017 Eliminator.

They got even luckier that same night when they walked away with the gold, leaving F.I.S.T wondering if Lady Luck was now going to become a stranger to their combination.

Undoubtedly possessing the talent to be New Zealand Tag Team Champions, Roberts & Castlewood will be out to prove it was more than just ‘right time, right place’ as they put their gold on the line in a huge rematch against Brodie Coast & Mason Daniels at Caged Fury!

Who will Lady Luck shine on this Saturday night at Caged Fury?

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Spencer & Lee Part 2!

Caged Fury will see another huge contest take place between Ashlee Spencer & Candy Lee!

It’s all about momentum for these newcomers to Impact Pro Wrestling, Spencer needs to rebound from her loss to Britenay while Candy Lee looks to continue her rapid rise in the ranks of IPW!

Candy Lee battles Ashlee Spencer at Caged Fury!

Revenge Fuelled Tag Team Contest at Caged Fury!

Brook Duncan knew what he had to achieve at The Eliminator back in April, win the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship or risk never getting a chance again. Duncan not only achieved that goal, but managed to put an end to the impressive reign of Curt Chaos in the process.

But it’s what followed that defined that night for Brook Duncan, James Shaw cashed in his Eliminator Contract during Duncan’s celebration, putting an end to their friendship and ensuring that it was Shaw who left that night as New Zealand Heavyweight Champion.

On May 20 at Caged Fury, both men will enlist the aid of a comrade as they clash for the first time since that controversial night. Duncan heads into battle with the veteran Dave O’Connor by his side while New Zealand Heavyweight Champion James Shaw teams up with the newly viciously visceral Jukebox Hero Elias. Continue Reading

The Steel Will Settle The Score!

On May 20, one of the biggest rivalries in Impact Pro Wrestling will fittingly climax in historic fashion when IPW presents the first ever Steel Cage Match at Caged Fury!

For Liam Fury, the thought of being locked inside a cage with Mr Burns will have him salivating as he knows the caucasus that usually surrounds Mr Burns will be unable to help their devotional leader as the confines of the steel obstruct their desire. While for Mr Burns, the first ever Steel Cage Match in IPW history brings about an opportunity for his storied career to reach another level at the expense of his former friend and New Zealand Tag Team Championship partner.

These two competitors are about to step into uncharted IPW territory. Surrounded by steel, Fury and Burns will put their bodies and careers on the line to end a rivalry that has now been etched into New Zealand Professional Wrestling folklore. Continue Reading

Blood for Glory now online!

Blood for Glory is now available online!

Re-live the February spectacular as Carmen Rose defends the New Zealand Women’s Championship against Britenay in the St Valentine’s Day Massacre Match!

Also featuring New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Curt Chaos, Brook Duncan, James Shaw and more!


Can “Handsome” earn a shot?

A huge one on one contest with possible tag team ramifications has been added to Blood For Glory!

IPW General Manager Alfred Valentine has announced that due to the back to back victories by the unconventional team of “Handsome” Danny Jacobs & Dal Knox, they have indeed put themselves in the hunt to compete for the New Zealand Tag Team Championships.

But to get that shot at the gold, “Handsome” will need to defeat Brodie Coast in singles action at Blood for Glory!

Dal Knox has made it clear he is not a fan of having to team with the extroverted exuberance of Jacobs, but is now likely to feel at ease with the news that HDJ will need to pick up a victory without the aid of Knox this Saturday night for the combination to have a future.

For Brodie Coast, Blood For Glory will be another opportunity for him to continue his rapid rise in the ranks of Impact Pro Wrestling, but must be weary of a veteran who is known to manipulate the minds of his opponents to gain the upper hand. Continue Reading

Spencer and Lee collide this Saturday night!

When two talents emerge around the same time, it’s often not long before they start clashing. Both Ashlee Spencer and Candy Lee are determined to establish themselves within the New Zealand women’s wrestling scene.

Candy Lee already has impressive pin fall victories over Frankie Quinn and Spencer herself, which has seen this match added to Blood For Glory.

Will the Princess of Ponsonby redeem herself, or will victory be sweet for Candy Lee?