Can “Handsome” earn a shot?

A huge one on one contest with possible tag team ramifications has been added to Blood For Glory!

IPW General Manager Alfred Valentine has announced that due to the back to back victories by the unconventional team of “Handsome” Danny Jacobs & Dal Knox, they have indeed put themselves in the hunt to compete for the New Zealand Tag Team Championships.

But to get that shot at the gold, “Handsome” will need to defeat Brodie Coast in singles action at Blood for Glory!

Dal Knox has made it clear he is not a fan of having to team with the extroverted exuberance of Jacobs, but is now likely to feel at ease with the news that HDJ will need to pick up a victory without the aid of Knox this Saturday night for the combination to have a future.

For Brodie Coast, Blood For Glory will be another opportunity for him to continue his rapid rise in the ranks of Impact Pro Wrestling, but must be weary of a veteran who is known to manipulate the minds of his opponents to gain the upper hand. Continue Reading

Spencer and Lee collide this Saturday night!

When two talents emerge around the same time, it’s often not long before they start clashing. Both Ashlee Spencer and Candy Lee are determined to establish themselves within the New Zealand women’s wrestling scene.

Candy Lee already has impressive pin fall victories over Frankie Quinn and Spencer herself, which has seen this match added to Blood For Glory.

Will the Princess of Ponsonby redeem herself, or will victory be sweet for Candy Lee?

Blood For Glory Six Man Battle!

A huge 6 man tag has been signed for IPW: Blood for Glory!

Liam Fury, who has yet to beat Mr. Burns in singles competition has gathered some powerful allies for a six man battle against the team of JB Bennett, Michael Richards and Mr. Burns.

With former New Zealand Tag Team Champion Liger and current Tag Team Champion Mason Daniels – Pro Wrestler by his side, Fury may have finally found the dynamite that will trigger the implosion of The Young Nats.

Will Michael Richards – NZ and the Young Nats finally get on the same page?

Or will Fury, Liger, and Mason Daniels make quick work of a group at civil war with one another?

Duncan to challenge Chaos!

The Reign of Chaos may be at risk of ending at IPW: Blood for Glory as Brook Duncan and Curt Chaos do battle once again over the most prized championship in New Zealand Wrestling.

Curt Chaos has had an iron grip over the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship since beating James Shaw last April. At the same time, Brook Duncan has been turning heads and becoming one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the country. For Brook Duncan however, Dion McCracken has been the glass ceiling that has prevented “The Sax Man” from etching in his name in the history books as a New Zealand champion time and time again.

Will Brook Duncan finally shatter the glass and obtain the gold?

Or will Chaos and McCracken continue their Reign of Chaos and send Brook Duncan to the back of the line?

NZ Women’s Championship set to main event Blood For Glory!

For the first time in five years the New Zealand Women’s Championship will main event an Impact Pro Wrestling Live Event!

Feb 11 will see the first ever St Valentine’s Day Massacre Match in IPW history as Britenay challenges Carmen Rose for the gold that was ripped from her grasp just two months ago!

Surrounding the ring will be a multitude of weapons, ready and waiting for the competitors to equip and execute at their destructive whim. The only way to win this contest is to decimate your opponent to the point where they cannot answer a ten count!

Can Britenay reclaim the gold?

Or will the eccentric execution of Carmen Rose be too much for the most decorated Women’s Champion in history?

Knox & HDJ to team up once again!

“You’re dead inside Dal Knox, and I’m here to make every inch of you come alive”

The words of HDJ are still sure to be ringing in the head of Dal Knox, but he’ll have to try and focus on competition as he teams up with HDJ once again to
to take on the combination of JB Bennett and Mr. Burns of The Young Nats.

Though it would seem that the team of Dal Knox and Danny Jacobs would be destined to implode, they managed to pick up the win in their tag team debut at Nightmare Before Xmas 2016.

For Mr. Burns and the Young Nats, 2017 will either be off to a flying start or an embarrassing halt based on the outcome of this tag team match.

Will the Young Nats be able to defeat two men who do not get along with one another?

Or will the mismatched team of “The Deal” and “Handsome” Danny Jacobs pick up another win and remain undefeated?

Find out tomorrow night at Coastal Assault!

Brook Duncan looks to prove a point at Coastal Assault!

After championship losses at both September Selection and Nightmare Before Christmas, Curt Chaos has taken it upon himself to grant Brook Duncan one more shot at the NZ Heavyweight Championship at Coastal Assault.

However, Brook must earn that shot earlier in the night by facing an opponent hand-picked by Chaos himself. Will the “Two-Time Loser” gain a double victory at Coastal Assault and finally take home the gold or will two opponents in one night once again prove too much for Brook Duncan?

Who will Curt Chaos pick?

De Jong battles Kingi this Saturday night!

Another huge match has just been signed for Coastal Assault!

After spending most of 2016 waging war against The Dapper Agents, Reuben De Jong finally got his revenge at Nightmare Before Christmas with a victory over Kingi and Vinny Dunn.

However it appears that Kingi has taken exception to the victory, and looks to continue the heated rivalry into 2017 on his own. How will the former 4 time New Zealand Heavyweight Champion fair against the giant De Jong in singles competition?

Find out at Coastal Assault!

Women’s Tag Team action at Coastal Assault!

The landscape of IPW’s Women’s Division was shaken to its core at Nightmare Before Christmas, and it is set to spill over into a 2017 battle for supremacy!

After shocking everyone in attendance with her return and Championship victory at NBX, Carmen Rose will be looking to continue her advantageous return as she teams with newcomer Ashlee Spencer to battle the combination of former New Zealand Women’s Champion Britenay and the impactful Candy Lee!

Candy Lee showcased her physical dominance in her debut last month, and with revenge flowing in Britenay’s blood, this duo might just be too hot to handle for Rose & Spencer at Coastal Assault!

Rose & Spencer battle Britenay & Lee at Coastal Assault!

Shaw vs. Richards on the coast!

With Brook Duncan gaining momentum to get another title shot against Curt Chaos, it appears that James Shaw has been moved to the back of the line.

Standing in his way on the path back to title contention is Michael Richards. After an impressive 2016, the Armageddon Cup holder is looking to have even more success in 2017. These two collide in what is going to be a brutal battle at Coastal Assault.

Will Shaw silence the Spokesperson of Defense, or will Richards pick up an impressive win over the former 2 time New Zealand Heavyweight Champion?