aaron_henry_profileWeight: 102kg
From: East Auckland
Signature Moves: Spinning Spinebuster, Tap’N’Snap (Americana Keylock)
Finishing Move: Blackout (Flying Superman Punch)
Accomplishments: IPW Tag Team Champion
Armageddon Cup Champion

This brutal bulldog and one half of The Agents of Change has dominated 2014 and carved a path of destruction since the formation of The Investment.

Aaron Henry has trained under some of the most seasoned veterans in both Amateur Wrestling and MMA, (including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)disciplines, concocting a unique and lethally-effective style of fighting which he applies in the squared circle. Armed with his devastating style and a new ruthless attitude, Henry is now more focused than ever, claiming the vacant IPW Tag Team Championship at Sacrifice or Surrender, alongside the brutal Jakob Cross.