Height: 6’1″
Weight: 102kg
From: Remuera, Auckland
Signature Moves: Saint’s Splash, Catch Vertical Suplex
Finishing Move: Saint’s Lariat
Accomplishments: IPW Tag Team Champion x2, Armageddon Cup Champion x2
2012 Eliminator Winner

Claiming to be chiseled out of stone and God’s gift to New Zealand,
wrestling and women, it’s perhaps foolish to suggest that Brian
is the most humble athlete on the roster.

God’s Gift comes from a privileged upbringing; a constant
injection of cash from his parents has seen everything Saint James’
desires become a reality, including the top conditioning, wrestling
and striking trainers money can buy. His privileged upbringing aside,
his raw power, physical presence and ease with which he moves
inside the ring, has seen him become a breakout star in IPW.