Height: 6’0″
Weight: 87kg
From: Places you can’t afford
Signature Moves: Top Rope Stunner
Finishing Move: Chaos Theory
Accomplishments: New Zealand Heavyweight Champion, New Zealand Tag Team Champion, Armageddon Cup Champion

Chaos – unpredictability, disorder. A word that has been used to describe the “butterfly effect”, a theory that every small action ripples out like falling dominoes to contribute to devastating effect.

The fans of IPW have made it very aware they don’t care for the “better than you” attitude of Curt Chaos, making him one of the most despised members of The Investment. Once a tag team specialist, Curt Chaos has show in recent months that he is something to be feared when it comes to one on one competition, and with The Investment backing him..it could be a matter of time before he collects some gold.

Chaos lays waste to Brook Duncan with a steel chair