Height: 5’11″
Weight: 100kg
From: Tiger Town, Taranaki
Signature Moves: Surf Highway
Finishing Move:The Knox Out
Accomplishments: IPW NZ Heavyweight Champion x4, IPW Tag Team Champion, Armageddon Cup Champion, Steve Hodgson Memorial Shield Holder 2008, PWI 500 2009 #326, PWI 500 2010 #327

It’s often said that the best in the business make things look easier than they really are, as if things are in slow motion for these select individuals. Dal Knox is one of the select few that make the impossible possible inside the squared circle.

A Taranaki native, Knox is no stranger to making history in IPW, becoming the first man to capture the IPW Championship four times and also by becoming the first IPW star to be ranked in the PWI 500, placing #326 in 2009!

The devestating Fort Knox