Height: 5’6″
From: East Auckland
Signature Moves: Yakuza Kick
Finishing Move: TTYL
Accomplishments: First ever IPW New Zealand Women’s Champion, PWWA Champion

Making her debut in 2007 to help start up a revamped IPW women’s division, the ex-track and field competitor possesses agility, speed and an exciting mix of a hard-hitting striking style with electric highflying.

While 2012 was a breakout year for Evie, not only becoming the first ever IPW Women’s Champion but also PWWA Champion, 2013 & 2014 saw her head over to the USA to debut for prestigious companies SHIMMER and Shine plus head to Japan to work for ZERO 1.

Evie is currently surrounded by controversy however with her decision to join The Investment and has seemingly turned her back on her loyal fans here in New Zealand!