Height: 5’7”
Weight: 74kgs
From: South New Brighton, Christchurch

Signature Moves: Falcon Arrow, Rip Rogers Special (Front Flip Tope)

Finishing Move: FalconStomp ’96 (Inverted Double Stomp), Millennium Falcon (Spanish Fly)

While no stranger to the New Zealand wrestling scene, Falcon Kid made his Impact Pro Wrestling debut in late 2017, starting off as a tag team competitor but quickly transitioning into a solo career. Since then, this Gravity Sponsored Athlete has won over the IPW fans with his fun attitude and high-flying wrestling style.

With impressive showings against IPW veterans such as Kingi and Liger, it seems that the young wrestler from Christchurch will continue reaching new heights both in his career and from the top rope.

Falcon Kid launches into the air with a moonsault