From: Kiwi Valley
Signature Move: Wheelbarrow Bulldoggo
Finishing Move: Fall From Grace

Grace Lightning, everybody’s little buddy, isn’t afraid to get under her opponents skin. Or steal their nose.

Making her Armageddon debut in 2017, Grace switched from ringside photographer to wrestler after an altercation saw Britenay get in her face and smash her camera. Grace would go on to hold her own against the former IPW Women’s Champion, as well as mixing it up with the other IPW women. Grace has also formed an unlikely tag team with Lil’ Ted on a number of occasions.

With her eyes set on the IPW Women’s title, Grace is already working on a sticker bomb design to sharpen it up.

Not currently a friend of Grace Lightning? Then it’s time to become co-captains of the friendship ship!

Grace displays her athleticism with a flying headscissors!