Height: 5’10”
Weight: 87kg
From: The Borderlands of Pt Chev
Signature Moves: The Shaw Shank Redemption, Shaw Effect, Various Mists
Finishing Move: Stretch Muffler Submission, DVD
Accomplishments: NZ Heavyweight Champion x4, NZ Tag Team Champion x3, NZWPW Heavyweight Champion, NZWPW Tag team Champion, Armageddon Cup Champion x2

James Shaw has quickly become one of the most popular competitors in IPW history with his ability to connect with IPW audiences in his own unique way!

With a wide range of moves, technical skills and heart, James Shaw has firmly set his sights on living out his dream by becoming New Zealand Heavyweight champion. His dream has almost become reality on a number of occasions, pushing then Champion Vinny Dunn, and current Champion Travis Banks to their absolute limits. All in attendance at IPW live events are sensing that Shaw’s dream may very well be closer than ever, and that it may just take one more shot for it to become reality.

James has a boogie with his mate The Jukebox Hero