joseph_kinkade_profileHeight: 5’10″
Weight: 82kg
From: King Country
Signature Moves: Various holds and takedowns
Finishing Move: Kinkade Stretch, Death Valley Driver
Accomplishments: IPW NZ Heavyweight Champion, Armageddon Cup Champion x2

They make ’em tough down in the King Country. IPW Original Joseph Kinkade is the perfect example of that, making his debut in a Hardcore Gauntlet match.

He made his name for taking on all comers in any environment, and quickly captured the Armageddon Cup in 2004.

Turning his back on his loyal fans, Joseph adopted the moniker of “The Professional” and began training heavily in freestyle wrestling and jiu-jitsu. With his new aggressive attitude and skills allowing him to lay waste to anyone who crossed his path, Kinkade captured the IPW NZ Heavyweight Championship in 2009, ending the 11 month reign of ‘The Deal’ Dal Knox.

To this day, Joseph Kinkade remains one of the most dangerous men in IPW.