Height: 6’2″
Weight: 110kg
From: Waitakere City, Auckland
Signature Moves: Sidewalk Powerbomb
Finishing Move: Silencer Superkick
Accomplishments: IPW NZ Heavyweight Champion x4, IPW Tag Team Champion x3,
IPW South Pacific Champion, NZPWI Grand Champion 2007

Like a bear with a bad tooth. The swaggering gait. The sneer. The low, guttural voice. All unmistakable traits of Kingi. On the flipside, there’s that simply breathtaking ring style. The awesome partnership with Alexander that was Smack Industries. The deadly Silencer Superkick which has earned him four Heavyweight Title reigns. The willingness to go to extreme measures in pursuit of victory. Also unmistakable traits of Kingi.

For close to a decade, Kingi has been a tactical master, routinely playing with opponent’s minds in and out of the squared circle. There is no line he will not cross, no stone he will refuse to turn, going to all manner of lengths from participating in Ladder or Lights Out Death Matches to thrill audiences up and down Aotearoa.