Weight: 85kg
From: Taupo
Signature Moves: Brain Buster
Finishing Move: Machinehead Mark II, Taupo Cray
Accomplishments: IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion x3, Armageddon Cup Champion x2, IPW Tag Team Champion,

The jaw-dropping athleticism, graceful aerial skill and crushing strike ability of Fury has now been met with a new attidude!

The array of aspects Fury brings to the squared circle has seen him not only become one half of the very first IPW Tag Team Champions, but has now seen him claim his very first New Zealand Heavyweight Championship.

At Trial by Combat on July 26, 2014 Fury shocked everyone by cashing in his 2014 Eliminator Contract on a beaten and broken Travis Banks to not only claim The Ultimate Prize but join The Investment in the process.