liger_profileHeight: 6’1″
Weight: 115kg
From: The Mean Streets of Mangere
Signature Moves: The Cape Killer
Finishing Move: Donkey Lariat
Accomplishments: NZ Tag Team Champion x2, Armageddon Cup Champion

Possessing deceptive speed for a man of his size, Liger has cut a path of destruction in IPW.

With his Samoan smash-mouth style, Liger doesn’t concern himself with the finer points of wrestling…he just wants to hurt people and he’s done just that year to year in Impact Pro Wrestling.

In 2014 Liger has switched focus to tag team action, but his focus has become strained with the struggle to find a partner that best suits his intentions, which begs the question of whether there is any man that can co exist with the pride of Liger.