lil_t_profileHeight: 6’0″
Weight: 80kg
From: Ghetto State 828
Signature Moves: Top Rope Clothesline
Finsihing Move: Spin the Mic
Accomplishments: IPW Tag Team Champion x3 (Current), IPW South Pacific Champion, Steve Hodgson Memorial Shield Holder 2008

A veteran of IPW, Lil T has the ability to adapt to his opponents perhaps better than anyone ever seen in IPW.

During his tenure in IPW, the antics of Lil T have created a constant love/hate relationship with the IPW faithful, but his balance between speed, power and heart has seen him win fans anywhere “Wrestling’s Most Wanted” has appeared.

One half of TnT with his little brother TK Cooper, the rise of Lil T continues in 2014 and the rise of TnT as one of the best combinations in history gathers steam!