pat_schisk_profileHeight: 6’1″
Weight: 110kg
From: The Badlands of Bohemia
Signature Moves: Gingernut Crunch, Wakado Sick Kick
Finishing Move: Kneelift
Accomplishments: Armageddon Cup Champion

If arrogance and self worth could be visualised by way of color, then it would be the orange that Pat Schisk adorns so proudly that best fits.

Sporting a rather unique apricot afro, this 110kg hoss has proven early on that his rough neck style is just what it takes to survive in IPW. With his visually blinding orange attire, it’s easy to be distracted away from the fact that this member of The Investment has an accomplished amateur wrestling background and a deadly powerful left foot.

Rising through the ranks is never an easy task, but considering he possesses what is quite possibly the single greatest signature maneuver in the Wakado Sick Kick,  Pat Schisk has made clear from the start that he’s going to do things his own Bohemian way!