Height: 6’10”
Weight: 140kg
From: Waitakere, West Auckland
Signature Moves: Chokeslam
Finishing Move: Double Choke Bomb
Accomplishments: IPW NZ Heavyweight Champion

At 6’ 10”, 140 kilograms, the awesome specimen that is Reuben de Jong casts a shadow over
the rest of the IPW roster in a way no man has done before. With a physique that looks to
be carved out of sheer granite, most in the company are intimidated just by looking at
this man mountain. That was certainly the case the way he threw a dozen other men from
the ring, without breaking a sweat, to earn himself an IPW contract.

But that’s not all there is to de Jong. With a storied history
encompassing K-1 kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts and movie
and television stunt work, the reality is that Reuben
has taken more than his fair share of hard knocks,
yet still is in terrific shape and is ready for more.