Height: 6’1″
Weight: 85kg
From: The Dark Side of The Moon
Signature Moves: Comet Kick (Spinning Kick), Rocket Launcher (Rope Assisted Cutter)
Finishing Move: Moonsault

IPW possesses a pride of young lions that are all hungry to rise
to the top and capture Championship gold. T.J Rocket is perhaps
the hungriest of the pride, bringing an eclectic array of high
flying moves that can chop down the biggest threats in all of IPW.

Debuting originally as a tag team competitor, his potential and ability
was quickly shining under the lights of IPW and fans erupted when he pulled
off a major upset over IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Dal Knox on
IPW’S Mana Mamau television series.

With a never say die attitude, a rapidly growing fan base and unlimited potential inside
the ring, Rocket’s rise through the ranks of IPW continues to take New Zealand by storm!