Signature Move: Snapmare Penalty Kick
Finishing Move: Friendship Killer

High flying fan favourites The F.I.S.T have proven themselves as one of the top tag teams in New Zealand – securing two IPW New Zealand Tag Team championship reigns in 2016.

Since debuting as a team in May of 2015, Brodie Coast and Mason Daniels have gone on to hold impressive victories over a number of IPW’s best tag teams, including The Dapper Agents, The Young Nats, and Privilege. The F.I.S.T have also built a reputation of never backing down from challenges, competing in tables, 2 out of 3 falls, and TLC matches.

After an exciting and impressive 2016, The F.I.S.T look to continue establishing themselves as the top of the tag team division in 2017!

The F.I.S.T are about to square off with their rivals Privilege