Height: 5’9″
Weight: 90kg
From: Bulls
Signature Moves: Roaring Knee Strike
Finishing Move: Lions Clutch
Accomplishments: IPW NZ Heavyweight Champion x2, Armageddon Cup Champion, NZWPW Tag Team Champion, 2011 Eliminator Winner

With an unmatched intensity and drive to succeed, “The Peak of Perfection” Travis Banks is one of the premiere athletes in New Zealand, and even further afield. Banks won the Zero1 Oceania Fighting Spirit Challenge in 2012 and then spent three months in Japan, living and training at the Zero1 Dojo in Tokyo.

Upon his return, Banks set his sights on the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship and captured the title in a triple threat bout against Kingi and Liam Fury at A Decade of Impact, and in turn looked destined to become the last ever holder of the gold. In 2013 however, IPW returned to action and with it came the hunt for Banks to claim back his gold. But with The Investment taking control it seemed it might be a task to great…that was until The Origin reached out with a helping hand so Banks could overcome the odds and reclaim The Ultimate Prize much to the delight of all IPW fans.