Height: 6’0″
Weight: 100kg of muscle, 20kg of ego
From: Hibiscus Coast
Signature Moves: Ankle Lock
Finishing Move: Muscle Buster
Accomplishments: New Zealand Heavyweight Champion x4, NZ Tag Team Champion x2, South Pacific Champion, Armageddon Cup Champion, PWI 500 2010 #421

Coming straight out of the Hibiscus Coast with a gleam in his eye, a stellar physique and the sheer willpower to strive to be the best at what he does, ‘Te Tahi’ Vinny Dunn has made no friends on his way to the top.

Turning his back on anyone and everyone, bending the rules to suit his whim, the self-proclaimed most charismatic wrestler in New Zealand has made sure his time in Impact Pro Wrestling will be remembered forever with a multitude of accolades to his name. With a combination of charisma, ego and thick muscle, Vinny Dunn is an integral part of The Investment and with the backing of IPW Director Daniel Burnell, fans better get use to Dunn being at the top of the ladder!