Banks retains and the turf war escalates!

banks_resultsescBanks was surrounded by The Investment on Saturday night, and his New Zealand Heavyweight Championship looked set to be pried from his grasp but heart, passion, skill and a little helping hand from The Origin saw Travis Banks once again defend his gold against all odds!

Daniel Burnell wanted nothing more than the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship to be back within The Investment Portfolio and around the waist of Curt Chaos, and it seemed that would happen for a high percentage of The Investment Lumberjack Match. However, Travis Banks showed exactly why he is such an outstanding champion, battling back every time the numbers game got the better of him and once The Investment was cleared out of ringside by The Origin, he found his opportunity to defeat Curt Chaos with a vicious brain buster. The Peak of Perfection left with his gold but he also left with the knowledge that at Trial by Combat he must face every member of The Investment in an unprecedented Gauntlet for The New Zealand Heavyweight Championship. Continue Reading

The Pride has arrived

pride_escalationTrust nobody. The simple mantra of the wild cat, the competitor, the Liger who has carved a path of destruction through the Impact Pro Wrestling roster in his rise to the heights of IPW. His undeniable need to wreak pain and punishment on his opponents has found new purchase as he brings to his side a man of equal malice and savage barbarism, a companion in cruelty to unleash on the IPW unwary.

The new Liger arrived on the scene at New Heights, shocking everyone in attendance but most of all Johnny Idol who was blind sided by the double Liger attack. James Shaw eventually arrived with a weapon in tow to scatter the Pride, but the damage was already done. For upcoming opponents of the duo, the chilling attack is a glimpse into a future of pitiless brutishness and uncompromising ferocity that will be delivered at the hands of The Pride. Continue Reading

New Heights only days away!

Liam Fury battles Pat Schisk of The Investment this Saturday night at New Heights!

Liam Fury battles Pat Schisk of The Investment this Saturday night at New Heights!

New Heights is only days away and we’ve got some more matches to add to an already high impact card!

Liam Fury the winner of the 2014 Eliminator will be in action this Saturday night when he takes on The Investment’s Pat Schisk, and the question will be whether Fury will look to focus on building momentum before cashing in his guaranteed New Zealand Heavyweight Championship match, or if he’ll look to cash in right away at New Heights in just a few days time. Continue Reading

2014 Live Event Recap: The Ultimate Match steals the show!

Banks survived an ultimate challenge from James Shaw!

Banks survived an ultimate challenge from James Shaw!

IPW’s The Ultimate Prize saw The Ultimate Match contested between two of New Zealand’s premier wrestlers for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship. In the end, Travis Banks would retain his championship against his friend James Shaw, three falls to two.

Before the match began, the rules were explained: a 30 minute Ironman match where the first 20 minutes would be contested under normal wrestling rules while the final 10 minutes would be no disqualification. The two shook hands and the bell was rung.

For the first few minutes of the match, neither competitor could gain the upper hand as they traded clean holds in some pure chain wrestling. However, after a bit of tomfoolery by Shaw, Banks gained the upper hand and the first fall following a roaring knee strike and a fisherman’s brainbuster.

Continue Reading

2014 Live Event Recap: Dunn retains at NYT!

Dunn lived to fight another day thanks to the dirty tactics of The Investment!

In news that should surprise no one, Vinny Dunn has retained his IPW Championship via underhanded tactics at IPW New Year’s Takeover.

The triple threat match between Dunn, James Shaw and Travis Banks had been promised earlier in the night to be clean and without ambushing from The Investment. With that in mind, Vinny Dunn appeared to be alone in his title defence.

The match began with Shaw and Banks trying to one up each other until they decided two-on-one attacks would work better. However, the alliance was short lived as Dunn would be ejected from the ring early and the match truly turned towards every man for himself.

Shaw and Banks would try and get victories early over one another using a Stretch Muffler and a Lion Clutch respectively. However, Dunn managed to keep breaking up the possible submissions before he could lose his championship. Continue Reading

2013 Live Event Recap: Banks earns his shot!

Banks soars his way to Nightmare B4 Xmas!

Banks soars his way to Nightmare B4 Xmas!

Travis Banks has earned his place in the main event of Nightmare B4 Xmas with a win over Tykade this past Saturday at IPW Last Chance.

Banks pinned Tykade in the night’s featured contest and will now look to do the same when he faces “The One” Vinny Dunn for the IPW Championship in a Fans Bring the Weapons bout on December 7.

Dunn served as the Interim Head of Live Events at Last Chance (Steve Wrigley was unable to attend) and wasted little time in appointing himself special referee for the night’s main event.

It looked as though Banks would be in for an uphill battle as bell-time approached. Continue Reading