2014 Live Event Recap: The Ultimate Match steals the show!

Banks survived an ultimate challenge from James Shaw!

Banks survived an ultimate challenge from James Shaw!

IPW’s The Ultimate Prize saw The Ultimate Match contested between two of New Zealand’s premier wrestlers for the New Zealand Heavyweight Championship. In the end, Travis Banks would retain his championship against his friend James Shaw, three falls to two.

Before the match began, the rules were explained: a 30 minute Ironman match where the first 20 minutes would be contested under normal wrestling rules while the final 10 minutes would be no disqualification. The two shook hands and the bell was rung.

For the first few minutes of the match, neither competitor could gain the upper hand as they traded clean holds in some pure chain wrestling. However, after a bit of tomfoolery by Shaw, Banks gained the upper hand and the first fall following a roaring knee strike and a fisherman’s brainbuster.

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