Impact Pro Wrestling requires more than just wrestlers to run events, every good show needs cameramen, lighting & sound personnel, editors, backstage hands and much more.

If you have experience or would like to learn any of the following, please get in contact with us, it is a fantastic way to get involved with the world of professional wrestling.

Lighting & Sound

Lighting and sound is a vital part of any show, if you’ve got experience with this we’d love to hear from you, our AV team is always looking for additions.

Camera Operators & Editors

We love getting our product out and around the world, video content is the best way to do this, if you have an interest in video please contact us.

Production/Ring Crew

We can’t have a professional wrestling show without a ring or production staff, if you are looking to get involved in professional wrestling this is a fantastic place to start, let us know if this interests you.

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